The CEFLA group based out of Italy, has been the fore bearer of the Anthos Brand of Dental Chairs and Units, with over 60 years of experience since the launch of the Anthos Brand, it has established itself, as a product- that offers STRUCTURAL reliability and longevity, and effective FUNCTIONALITY. Anthos Dental Chair and units or more effectively called Treatment Centre, offer numerous customization options in an ergonomic design. The research and development, that has been incorporated in these units over the years, reflects in the number of options, that are available in the Anthos Brand – starting from the basic Anthos A3 – Plus right up to the Anthos L9 Dental Treatment Centre.

Unicorn Denmart Ltd, with over 25 years of experience in the Dental Equipment business, has established itself, as the TOP MOST Brand in India, offering the best of the Dental equipment from the Best companies across the Globe, ably and effectively supported by a team of technically well qualified service personnel, across the Indian sub- continent. With over a decade long association with Anthos – The product and the services we offer, have become the OWNER’S PRIDE and NEIGHBOURS ENVY.

The features and benefits of the Anthos A3- Plus, have been sub- divided into the following

  1. Dental Chair
  2. The Delivery Unit
  3. Water Unit and Assistant Side Unit
  4. Dental Light
  5. Foot Control of the Chair and Unit

The Dental Chair

  • The patient chair is of CAST ALUMINIUM Structure, making it completely corrosion resistant, and a solid and sound structure, that can lifts up to 190 Kg.
  • The Dual German AC Motors, ensure all the up and down and forward and backwards movement of the seat and the back respectively, in a silent and non- jerk motion.
  • Special Plastic surfaces that offer long term resistance to light and cleaning products.
  • The patient back rest is available with a wrap-around WIDE, or a compact NARROW back rest.
  • The patient Chair comes with a STANDARD SKAI upholstery, which offers ergonomic support to the patient during the treatment procedure, there is also an option of the VISCO ELASTIC Upholstery, which contours itself to the patient body contours offering extreme comfort.
  • The Chair comes with SYNCRONIZED Chair movements, which add to the comfort of the patient, and Trendelenberg position, with -5degree to the horizontal, helps handle the syncope situation.
  • There is beneath the base of the seat of the patient chair, a switch activates the Anti- Crushing feature, that gets activated if any part or device is left under the base of the Chair, while it is moving down.
  • The base of the Chair, has a switch, which activates/ deactivates the suction – this switch is operated by user’s leg, in hands free manner.
  • A bi-articulated Head rest, offers ease in positioning of the patient.

The Delivery Unit

  • Available in both formats – International (under hanging) and Continental ( over hanging)
  • The Delivery unit is supported very effectively and reliably with the help of an extruded Aluminium arm, which is attached to the Chair framework thus making it highly stable.
  • The delivery unit, tubing, are all nylon based, thus making them easy to handle with least amount of strain on the operator’s hand.
  • The Continental Delivery system, can be moved from the right side to the left side to facilitate the treatment done by left handed operator, but in this case the water unit, will always remain on the left.
  • An ergonomically designed 3 way syringe , with removable and autoclave-able tip, is an additional feature of the Delivery unit. In fact for added infection control, the metallic sleeve of the 3 – way syringe , can be easily removed and autoclaved.
  • The Air turbine are 2 in numbers and come with Midwest connection, and also have the Out Drop Retraction ( ODR) option, which prevents back flow of oral liquids into the tubings, once the pressure is released. There is an option to select the turbine connections as optic or non optic.
  • An in built piezon technology ultrasonic scaler, with 32KHz frequency, with autoclave-able handpiece with 4 tips and Endodontic mode, adds to the completion of the treatment centre.
  • The highlight of the delivery unit- is the inbuilt, brushless, internally cooled Micro Motor- with a fixed torque of 4Ncm, with forward and reverse controls, the speed ranges from 100-40000 RPM. This device when used the matched purchase contra/ straight attachments, will help the operator treat most of surgical and restorative procedures.
  • The display control unit, has membrane pad switches, besides controlling Chair movements, Chair programming, the Dental light and water outflow in the cuspidor and tumbler filler, has a 3 Digit display, which gets activated when any of the Air turbines, ultrasonic scaler- in their case it shows there efficiency in terms of %, which can be increased or decreased. In case of the micro motor, the speed is displayed in 1000’s, the operator can easily fix the speed as they expect.

The Dental Light

  • The Dental light, with 3 Axis rotation, is powered by a dual LED Lights which are reflected, with a maximum intensity of 50000 LUX, with a color temperature 4900K
  • The Dental Light working is controlled by a sensor, and a switch, there is a potentiometer which can adjust the intensity of the light up to 10 levels, at 5000 Lux being the lowest.
  • The entire light assembly is hermetically sealed and enclosed in a dust free environment

The Water Unit and Assistant-side Unit

  • The cuspidor is 180 move-able, with a timed cup filler.
  • The cannula for the cup filler can be easily removed for effective cleaning.
  • A single suction filter for both the high volume and low volume suction attachments.
  • Both the high and low volume suction attachments have controls to adjust the capacity of suction, and various tips can be connected to both of them.
  • The assistant side arm is a single articulated arm, has all the chair movement, dental light, cuspidor and cup filler controls , with attachments which include a 3 way syringe, and the high and low suction attachments.
  • The assistant arm also has a slot for optional devices like the Intra Oral camera and Light cure unit of Anthos
  • The assistant arm, also has a switch at its base, so that in case of any obstruction, the chair movement will stop and rise slightly upwards.

Foot Control

  • There are 2 options one is sliding, progressive type and the other is power pedal type.
  • There is a chair movement joy stick for hands free adjustment of Chair.
  • There is a feature of CHIP AIR and CHIP WATER, which effectively means that the air turbines and the brushless motor works like a 3- way syringe.
  • Zero position and rinsing position are 2 presets that can be controlled through the foot control.
  • Water Circulation can be switched on / off through the foot control for all the devices attached on the delivery unit except the 3 way syringe.

Needless to state that the unit comes with an ergonomically well-designed, operator stool S7

With overall such advanced features, the Anthos A3 Plus in its price point is the most reliable and versatile Dental Treatment Center.

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