Q1.  Is there any eye protection needed during usage?

Ans. Not to be seen by direct vision, so if used with protective eyewear will be safer.

Q2. Can we use Handheld light on the clothes we wear?

Ans. Yes, can be used on clothes but before wearing them as skin should not be get exposed to UV-C light.

Q3. If we sanitize a thin object from one side would be sanitized from all sides?

Ans. Only the surfaces exposed to light directly are sanitized, thus exposure to the opposite side is also needed.

Q4. Shall we just plug the light and move it on the surfaces instantly?

Ans. Yes, after switching on the power button one can use it instantly, effective sanitization takes about 45 seconds to sanitize the exposed surface.

Q5. Is the handheld light also featured with auto cut power off?

Ans. No, it do not features auto power off.

Q6. Is this UV-C light only effective against viruses?

Ans. No, it is effective against all the different types of microbes, like bacteria, viruses and fungi too.

Q7. Is there any chemical that is to be needed to use along with these lights?

Ans. No, UV-C sanitization do not needs any chemical treatment along with.

Q8. How does UV-C light works?

Ans. Works by destroying the sequence of genetic material of microbes, thus they can’t replicate and become inactive.

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