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    Many dentists face issues with the patient’s comfort, time consuming procedures, less patient cooperation & many more.

    Dissapointed Patient

    Because of the unpleasant seating position and upholstery of the dental chair, the majority of patients do not feel at ease during dental care. Hence their satisfaction level reduces for the dental clinic

    Time Consumption

    The dental procedures are time consuming. The dental clinics if not equipped with high advanced technology devices, then it may lead to more chair side time which results in more patient discomfort

    Equipment Errors

    If any of the dental equipment stops working, dentists may lose patients and the productivity will decrease. To maintain the clinic reputation and patient retentivity, fast service is required.

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    1. 01Satisfied Patients

      Unicorn Denmart provides you the right equipment for you to enhance patient comfort with extra comfortable chair upholstery and less noise equipment to reduce stress.

    2. 02Innovative Products

      Unicorn Denmart provide you equipment with advanced technology from reliable global brands to work more faster and in a smarter way.

    3. 03After Sales Service

      Unicorn Denmart has always taken care to meet all the expectations by providing a fast after sales service and helping in uninterrupted dental practice.


    UNICORN DenMart is the preferred choice for Indian Dentists from over 25 years offering high quality Dental Instruments & Equipments with latest technology from global brands


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