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Dental 3D Printer

3D Printing is a highly welcomed technology in almost every field and now it is finding great success in dental laboratories too. The introduction of Dental 3D Printers helped the users to produce small objects like models, parts, and even complete restorations out of a range of materials that too with intricate details. Adding a 3D printer to a lab is an aid to uplift the efficiency of their specific tasks. However, while choosing a 3D Printing machine, it is necessary to evaluate all the parameters like what materials it prints, which software assist this to keep in function, and what is its execution time.

There are a variety of 3D printers available in the market based on different technologies like the Sprintray Pro Desktop 3D printer & NextDent 5100 which work on DLP technology, but these all work on the same concept. However, the actual mechanism of how this happens differs from printer to printer. No doubt, a 3d printing machine is a great fit for dentistry because it allows rapid productions of custom parts like Castable wax parts, Custom Impression Trays Temporaries, Aligners, Dental models, Nightguards, Surgical guides, Denture bases, Complete dentures, Removable partial frames, etc. and wastes less material

With a smooth workflow that can go directly from digital impression to digital design to a printed finished part, 3D printing can be both faster and more accurate than alternate workflows. So, those who are still leveraging upon the alternate techniques now can choose one of a kind dental 3D printer built by 3D Systems.

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