Advantages of Class B Autoclave in Daily Dentistry!!

Infection control is not just important to prevent the contamination of diseases from person to person but also makes sure that the patient is treated with utmost care and priority. Steam Sterilization is an essential step when it comes to reusable dental instruments that have become contaminated due to all the biological fluids. There are many processes and questions involved in the right way to sterilize. It is important in many ways to make sure that you clean your instruments the right way, and use the right Dental Instrument Sterilizer Autoclaves and here are some reasons why-   

  • Prevents the growth of bacteria 
  • Prevents the spread of disease 
  • Prevents from SEPSIS
  • Protects staff from getting infected
  • Maintains Hygiene to provide Quality Treatment 

To make the process of sterilization easier and much more efficient there are some key features involved in the all-new and upgraded Runyes B Class Autoclave – Feng23 Ltr which ensures biosafety with B+ Cycle and sterilization of non-porous & hollow instruments. With many upgrades, the one thing that will always go easy on you is the price. The price for class B autoclave will never come between your satisfied patients and quality work. Shining features that make FENG 23L stand out are: 

  1. Class B autoclave cycle saves you time. Now you get full cycle time for 121 and 134 degrees C. 
  2.  Build-in USB function – to record the sterilization cycles.
  3. The cooling condenser in the used water tank – physically cools the temperature of wastewater to prevent the tank from being deformed by heat.
  4. The vacuum cycle prior to sterilization removes contamination air for 100% sterilization. 
  5. The double door lock system makes sure that there are no accidents in any scenario
  6. It has a triple Vaccum cycle making decontamination very effective.  
  7. Dental Autoclave makes sure that there is no interruption in your work process. B type autoclave comes with more quiet vacuum pump for the steam sterilizer. 

With the new upgraded features, many things like an effective dental practice, safety, and peace of mind are guaranteed. It is always best to use the most Trusted & Reliable option to provide the best from your end. When it comes to choosing an autoclave for a dental clinic, which helps you do your work more professionally this is your best choice.  The autoclave will make sure that you are using the best way to clean your instruments and give your patients the best in every way. 

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