Advantages of Piezosurgery over Rotary method

Innovation has certainly played a significant part in how the world has advanced. Dentistry has experienced noteworthy headway & has seen a few changing concepts over some recent years. The upshot of these innovations is that agonizing methods are being reconfigured as negligibly obtrusive surgical procedures with much speedier recovery times. One of the foremost impressive advancements to develop is piezosurgery, a novel approach to bone surgery, that’s picking up ubiquity in dentistry.

Piezosurgery was invented by Professor Vercellotti in 1988 to overcome the impediments of conventional instruments in bone surgery. It uses ultrasonic micro-vibrations for osseous surgeries and it is a soft tissue sparing system. An expanding number of dental professionals are adopting the advancements as they discover it to be more secure and less obtrusive than conventional motorized or manual techniques.

Working of Piezosurgery:

In piezosurgery, the piezoelectric effect is utilized when the mechanical energy within the frame of pressure and compression is converted to electrical energy and this energy can be harnessed by a device called “transducer” that turns the energy into ultrasonic waves which can be amplified to mechanical vibrations. The micro-vibrations at the device’s tip operate within the low-frequency range from 25-29 kHz which cuts through mineralized structures without hurting delicate tissues.

Advantages of Piezosurgery over rotary method:

  • Empowers micrometric cutting & predominant accuracy with no bone loss
  • Improves tissue healing
  • Soft tissue remains intact.
  • Improved visibility due to the blood-free surgical site
  • No danger of thermal damage to the adjacent tissue
  • The strength required to make the cut is very less compared to rotary burs hence reduced hand fatigue
  • Less inflammation hence reduced post-operative pain & swelling
  • Easy collection of grafting materials such as bone block or bone chip
  • Minimal patient discomfort and surgical trauma

Application in Dentistry:

Piezosurgery can be applied in a wide range of dental procedures wherever precision and delicacy are indispensable. It can be used in oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, sinus lift procedures, implantology, etc.


Piezosurgery improves the patient experience with less discomfort, less post-operative trauma, and faster healing. It contributes to osseous repair as compared to traditional techniques. This can be utilized as intrigue equipment and substantiate a clinician to upgrade the dental practice.

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