Air Motor Handpiece

Air motor Dental handpieces are used in a wide range of dental procedures. All dental procedures, including simple dental procedures and surgical procedures, require the use of a dental handpiece.

The compressed air pressure drives the air motor. As a result, it can be immediately attached to the dentist’s chair, and low-speed handpieces can be used to perform various dental trimming or polishing procedures.

Air motor handpieces from Unicorn Denmart is unique blend of endurance, power &/ strength. It has an easy ISO-E type attachment with excellent reliability and performance.

NSK S-Max M95L Optic Handpiece

NSK S-Max M95L is an optic handpiece with an increasing gear head system designed without compromising the performance of the handpiece.

Tornado Air Motor Dental Handpiece

Tornado air rotor handpieces come with slim ergonomic design and excellent cutting performance. It’s perfect angulation and work efficiency provide flexible operation to the dentist.

Tornado Straight Handpiece

Tornado straight handpiece provides the high cutting performance to the dentist for various clinical procedures.

Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece

With improved accessibility inside oral cavity, Tornado contra angle handpiece provides excellent cutting performance and smooth working to the dentist.