Asiga Max 3D Printer

02 Key Highlights

  • The Smart Positioning System (SPS) is a series of positioning encoders that read the exact position of the build platform during each layer approach. This ensures the next layer is only exposed/formed once the build platform target position has reached
  • Internal radiometer: An internal radiometer actively monitors LED intensity during each build ensuring the correct light exposure is delivered for every layer
  • High power UV 385nm LED: To print water­clear materials and many of the industry leading materials, a UV 385nm LED is required
  • Small pixel and accurate pixel placement: Pixel size and pixel placement are important for re reproducing digital data accurately to achieve a precise fit. For dentistry, small pixel sizes are critical and we recommend between 47µm – 80µm depending on application
  • Precise material curing: Our open Material System allows for any suitable material to be printed. Material curing parameters for each material are generated by Asiga ensuring materials are cured accurately for repeatable results

03 Specification

Pixel size X,Y62µm
Build Size X, Y, Z119 × 67 × 75mm
Light Source405nm
Z Resolution/strong>Variable 1µm
Material SystemOpen-use any 3rd party material
File InputsSTL, SLC, STM
Network CompatibilityWifi and Ethernet
Industry SectorsDigital Dentistry / Lab Production
System Size260 X 380 X 370mm
System Weight17.5 KG
Packaged Size / Weight410 X 500 X 480mm / 20 KG
Power12VDC 10A

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