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A dental surgeon by profession & employed as a content writer in Unicorn DenMart. Being a dentist with an insatiable desire to learn new things, she works towards maintaining a platform for every dentist in India to get information about recent advances & innovative technologies in dentistry. She believes this platform is a fantastic way to conjoin her dental as well as writing skills in order to benefit other dentists.

SS Dental Cabinet – A Great Way to Showcase Your Utility

Every dental practice is unique and every dentist has his professional skills to work with. As we know a good workplace contributes to the quality of the treatment. When building a new dental clinic or remodelling the existing space, one question that pops up is what kind of cabinets to choose. As these cabinets play … Continue reading

Top 5 Factors to Know in Rotary Endodontics to Minimize RCT Failure

The successful endodontic treatment completely depends on accurate diagnosis and accurate preparation of the pulp space for restoration. Previously dentists used to do mechanical preparation of teeth using hand files in a step back technique which was time-consuming and would cause fatigue to the dentist as well as it was tedious for the patient. Overcoming … Continue reading

Key Factors To Choose The Right Ultrasonic Scaler Device For Your Dental Clinic

For many patients, a dentist who performs dental operations with cutting-edge dental equipment has become a significant element in selecting a dental clinic. Today’s state-of-art dental technology not only allows dentists to treat patients more efficiently, but it also enables patients to be more comfortable during treatment, allowing them to visit the dental clinic on … Continue reading

Electric Micromotor in Dentistry: A Complete Guide

A dental professional always believes in offering convenient, cost-effective and efficient dental treatment to the patient. The handpiece plays an important role in this process. Whether it is a regular dental visit or any dental surgical procedure, the handpiece becomes necessary. The Dental Handpiece is an important device that serves a variety of purposes during … Continue reading

Ultimate Guide To Choose An Apex Locator For Your Dental Practice

Endodontic success requires the removal of the pulp tissue, necrotic material, and pathogens from the root canal. This is only possible if the length of the tooth and the root canal are precisely measured. The working length (WL) is defined as “the distance between a coronal reference point and the point at which canal preparation … Continue reading

Is Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Better Than Hand Cleaning?

A dental professional’s ability to keep his or her patients satisfied is crucial to their success. It’s imperative to understand what patients expect from the dentist as a profession and to ensure that we can provide it. One of the most important aspects of this is being able to effectively communicate with patients so that they understand … Continue reading

Latest Trends In Dentistry

Trends put a spotlight on something new, not just from an individual standpoint, but on a macro level also.Without trends, we would have a routine of sameness. Trends help us to understand in which direction a particular field is heading. Some of the latest trends in Dentistry are as follows: Emotional Dentistry In recent years … Continue reading

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