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A dental surgeon by profession & employed as a content writer in Unicorn DenMart. Being a dentist with an insatiable desire to learn new things, she works towards maintaining a platform for every dentist in India to get information about recent advances & innovative technologies in dentistry. She believes this platform is a fantastic way to conjoin her dental as well as writing skills in order to benefit other dentists.

5 Reasons To Choose Gnatus Dental Chair For Safe Dental Practice

Dental safety should be prioritized in any dental clinic without any exception. Dental professionals can help their patients to have a stress-free clinical experience by providing a secure dental environment.  In a dental clinic, the first thing noticed by a patient in a dental chair. Every dentist’s first choice is to invest in a high-quality … Continue reading

Why Buy Soft Tissue Laser Over Electrocautery?

The field of dentistry continues to evolve, allowing for better patient care. Dental lasers are a valuable addition to dental treatment in terms of achieving precision in surgical procedures, contamination management, and faster healing control. It is crucial to recognize the role of lasers in dentistry in a range of important treatments in order to … Continue reading

12 Decision Making Points for Selecting Diode Laser – You May Not Have Known

Every day, dental industries use innovative technological advancements in new ways for the treatment of patients. Despite the fact that dental health is indeed a very essential to personal wellbeing and for having a pleasant smile, among other benefits, sometimes people avoid dental visits because they are uncomfortable in the dental clinic with the dental treatment procedure. … Continue reading

Autoclave Working Mechanism In Dentistry

A dental practice must have a reliable and efficient infection control guide in order to keep patients safe.  The proper precautions must be taken by the dental professionals to guarantee that all the reusable dental instruments are thoroughly cleaned before the sterilization process, also the procedure is carried out in a secure manner to prevent … Continue reading

Dental Lasers: Benefits & Adoptability in Dentistry

Laser dentistry is one of the most advanced technology in dental treatment today. LASER, is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Laser technology integrates focused light and radiant energy for a highly accurate treatment. Dentists utilise laser equipment to create a narrow, concentrated beam of light that reacts to specific tissue … Continue reading

Digitization in Dental Chair

Nowadays, advancements in the Dental Chair are happening parallelly with the growth of digital dentistry for an easy and smooth dental practice. The dental chair has significantly improved with various advanced features to meet the daily requirement of the dentist. In this digital age, with advancements in technology, dental practitioners are also finding faster and smarter … Continue reading

UV Chamber For Daily Dental Practice

In Dentistry, there is a significant risk of infection from infected patients. Dentists & Dental Assistants are at risk of being exposed to these contaminated surfaces, hence this level of care and priority is necessary. When Dental Instruments are mismanaged, cross-contamination unfolds, causing illnesses to spread across the dental team. To protect themselves, Dental Clinics … Continue reading

Endomotor- A boon in Endodontics

Dentists have been forming root canals with the use of hand instruments for many years. These techniques include a collection of endodontic files used in the Step Back method to prepare the root canal. This is a time-consuming method that has been changed now. This new method is more effective with increased possibilities due to the … Continue reading

Advantages of Electric Driven Handpieces Over Air Turbine.

The dental handpiece is the most essential and regularly used dental equipment in dentistry for various procedures. The vast array of uses in general dentistry, endodontics, implantology necessitates a versatile handpiece. A fantastic dental handpiece plays an important role to support dentists for various clinical applications.  Because dentists must choose the correct dental handpieces for … Continue reading

Importance of Steam Sterilization in dentistry

Dentistry like any other healthcare industry must adhere to strict infection control guidelines.  Infection control and disease prevention are essential for the efficacy of the dental assistants’ work, as well as the safety of the dental professionals and patients, by ensuring a healthy work atmosphere, free of all sorts of infections.  Because patients are constantly … Continue reading

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