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A dental surgeon by profession & employed as a content writer in Unicorn DenMart. Being a dentist with an insatiable desire to learn new things, she works towards maintaining a platform for every dentist in India to get information about recent advances & innovative technologies in dentistry. She believes this platform is a fantastic way to conjoin her dental as well as writing skills in order to benefit other dentists.

Infection Control in Daily Dental Practice – Complete Guide

The rise in the frequency of transmissible diseases has sparked worldwide concern and influenced dental practice. Dentists are involved in treatments that involve blood, mucosa, or blood-contaminated body fluids, such as saliva. To prevent cross infection, it is critical to adopt universal measures such as treatment gloves, masks, protective glasses, PPE Kit, plastic barriers to … Continue reading

Advantages To Buy Soft Tissue Laser Than Electro-Cautery

Soft tissue Diode Laser is Simple, intuitive, and ergonomic. Incorporate laser therapy on a daily basis offers numerous benefits to the overall health of the practice, clinicians, and patients.      Utilizes the latest advances in technology and dentistry, enhances the patient experience and a higher standard of care.   Diode Laser pain therapy                                                            Increase vasodilatation … Continue reading

Advantages of Piezosurgery over Rotary Method

Technology has unquestionably influenced how the world has progressed. Over the last few years, dentistry has made significant progress and has seen a few new concepts emerge. As a result of these advancements, excruciating procedures are being reimagined as less invasive surgical procedures with substantially faster recovery durations. Piezosurgery, a revolutionary technique to bone surgery … Continue reading

Advantages of Class B Autoclave in Daily Dentistry!!

The management of dental operations is increasingly requiring more skilled dentists, both in terms of knowledge and ability. The speed with which a specific operation is carried out is determined by aspects relating to the procedure in progress as well as the team’s ability to deal with crucial situations. It is critical not to jeopardise … Continue reading

Advancements in Endo World

Root canal treatment is now performed by dentists in almost all dental clinics. Patients’ complaining of discomfort, swelling, following root canal instrumentation are common in normal endodontic practices, and they are always unpleasant and disappointing episodes for both the dentist and the patient. The old hand instrumentation technique has been superseded by rotary endodontics as a result … Continue reading

Anthos A3 Plus- Dental Chair and Unit- Exceeding Expectations

For many years, visiting a dental surgeon was regarded as an unpleasant experience. It entailed sitting in front of bright light while having your mouth probed by several types of equipment. Despite the fact that dental health is critical for overall health and for having a pleasant smile, many people avoid dental visits due to … Continue reading

Revolution of Laser in Dentistry

There are more high-tech mega hits in the dental profession now than there have ever been in history. A spectacular technological transformation is taking place right in front of our eyes. These improvements enhance treatment experiences, which can lead to increased productivity, patient clinical acceptance and practice efficiency. Lasers have changed our lives, particularly in … Continue reading

Qualities of an Exceptional Dental Chair

The best dental chairs stand ahead and shoulders above ordinary ones because they provide exceptional comfort and adhere to extraordinarily high standards of hygiene. A dental practitioner who wants to equip his dental clinic with the best dental chairs has a limited variety to choose from. The best dental chairs within this variety are part … Continue reading

Why Teeth Cleanings are Essential?

A smile not only make you look attractive but also helps relax the mind by alleviating stress. A beautiful smile is a valuable social asset. It’s no surprise that people who don’t think they have an attractive smile are hesitant to do it. The majority of people who dislike their smiles are dissatisfied with their teeth. … Continue reading

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