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An enthusiastic dentist and certified trainer for 3shape Intraoral scanner & 3D System Nextdent printer. He holds experience of more than 6 years that includes working with many dental clinics, Clearpath Orthodontics and currently working as Product Manager in CAD-CAM department for Unicorn Denmart. He believes digitization in dentistry may boost efficiency and productivity in the dental practice and this is something he expresses through his blogs on this platform.

The Revolution of 3D Printers in the Dental Sector

  3D Printing is now not an unknown term, It’s the new revolutionary upgrade in the field of dentistry. 3D Printing is openly used in the Automobile and Engineering sectors. In dentistry, it’s the latest technology in CAD-CAM dentistry. As now the dentist is upgrading himself toward digital impression making so 3d printing of dental … Continue reading

Digital Workflow – An Anti-Cross-Infection Solution for Your Dental Clinic

Dental practitioners are exposed to a variety of infectious disease agents found in patients’ saliva and blood, necessitating infection control and universal prevention methods in the dental office, considering that some of these diseases result in lost work and time for dental staff and patients, potentially cause complications, and have a low success rate. Moreover, if … Continue reading

3-Dimensional Printing In Dentistry – A Review

Author’s:- Dr. Shaik Ali Hassan1, Dr. Sumit Bhateja Date:- 3 June’2021 Advanced technology in dentistry has helped a lot in treating diseases properly. 3D Printing allows the dentist to visualize, record hard and soft tissue significantly with precise measurement and print the models. The use of CAD/CAM is the most advanced one in dentistry. But … Continue reading

Simplifying Dentistry with Chairside CAD-CAM – An All-in-One Solution

CAD-CAM technology or digital dentistry has evolved as one of the most popular and efficient technologies available as the dental industry progresses. The variety of materials available for in-office fabrication of dental restorations has a significant impact on the continuous growth of chairside CAD-CAM technology for delivering single visit dental restorations. Nowadays chairside digital dentistry … Continue reading

CAD-CAM Technology: An Ease in Digital Dentistry

Modern dentistry necessitates a greater use of information and communication technologies. There are various benefits to assisting the dentist’s operation, but there are also users of dental services who are growing more demanding in terms of aesthetics, with a clearly expressed desire to spend as little time as possible in the dental office. In terms … Continue reading

Digital Dentistry: The Future of the Dental Industry

  Digital dentistry, as we all know is a fast-growing era in the dental world, but are we really aware of it? Digital Dentistry, the term is much broader as is being said in between discussion amongst the individuals, it includes: CAD-CAM and Intraoral Imaging- both are clinician and laboratory-controlled. Computer-aided Implant Dentistry- includes designing … Continue reading

Evolution of 3D Printers in Dentistry

The growing era of digitization in the dental world is opening up new markets as well as new opportunities for other already existing technologies present earlier used in other industries. Since we take digital impressions through Intraoral Scanners all the data is saved in digital format no hard copy is available to either the dentist or the … Continue reading

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying an Intraoral Scanner

A negative impression of an oral structure is utilized to manufacture a dental restoration or prosthesis. For producing dental restorations that fit properly, a precise impression is required. Misalignment of the prosthesis due to an incorrect impression causes mechanical or biological complications. For precision, many impression techniques with advanced materials are introduced.    The advancements … Continue reading