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Dr. Madhura Mundada is a dental practitioner with an area of expertise in paediatric dentistry. She is passionate about learning and researching to improve dentistry and has a long list of articles and publications to her credit. With extensive knowledge of dental requirements, she is currently assigned as a content writer in Unicorn Denmart. She thinks this is a platform where knowledge can be shared about the upcoming advanced technology and the newer materials and dental products.

The Role Of Additional Warranty – A Buying Guide For Dental Chairs

Worried about your dental chair breakdown or high servicing charges. Worry or not? We have a solution for your dental worry, that is Additional Warranty. Additional warranty can act like your saviour and prevent creating. havoc in daily practice. Dental chair breakdown creates lots of hassle among the dental staff. There  can occur various issues … Continue reading

Things You Need To Know About Dental RVG Usage & Safety Guidelines

Dentistry is one such field which relies completely on radiographs. Radiographs with tactile perception aids dentist in performing high quality dental treatment. Dental imaging is being used for more than 100 years now and there has been a drastic improvement in its usage. The old technique of taking dental radiographs was by using x ray … Continue reading

The Most Basic Dental Equipment To Start Your New Clinic Setup

To have the right tools to work is always ensured in any industry. Same goes with the dental industry where all critical components are must to run a successful dental clinic. The right equipment can help you provide a safe pleasant experience for your patients. Visiting a dentist can be at times scary for patients … Continue reading

The Advanced Low Level Laser Therapy For Treating TMJ Disorders

Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is commonly used in management of musculoskeletal disorders it has been found to hold analgesic activity which promotes its use in various painful conditions. Temporomandibular disorders (TMJ) are treated by various modes of management however LLLT therapy appears to be attractive non-invasive mode of treatment. How laser therapy works on … Continue reading

Recent Advancement In Dentistry And Its Impact On Dental Practice

Technology is improving daily and dentistry is not behind to reap the rewards of advancements. Newer system is coming out all time, dedicated to achieve optimal outcomes. This is helping dentist to better achieve the results their patients seek wherein dental technology streamlines the process from beginning to end. Benefits of using high technology dental … Continue reading

5 Powerful Features of An Advanced Air Rotor You Must Consider

Patients’ safety is always the top priority for any dentist and for same reason dentist are changing their ways to operate patient and avoid cross contamination. The major reason for cross contamination in dentistry is the aerosol production and it tis for this reason that you need a good handpiece to work with. There are … Continue reading

5 Surprising Ways To Use 3D Printer In Dental Practice

3D printing has been hailed as a disruptive technology which will lead us towards modernization. 3D printing has been used in art, design, aerospace and is becoming a great interest in surgery. This technology has a special connection with dentistry and with advances in 3D imaging such as Cone Beam Computer Tomography or CAD CAM … Continue reading

3 innovative dental products helping in revolutionizing dental industry

Dentistry has been evolving drastically in the past few decades. It’s often a challenge for dental professionals to keep up with the upcoming technology and stay updated. At the same time, it is important to identify the important trends withing the profession so that all dentist can utilize the advanced technology which will ease dentists … Continue reading

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