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Digitization in dental chair

In Today’s scenario Dentistry is looking way forward for advancements in the Dental Chair parallelly with the growth of digital dentistry to ensure the success of dental practice. The dental chair has also now improved with various advanced features to meet the dentist’s requirements along with the developments in digital dentistry.


An irreversible global trend is the transition into the digital age. With advancements in technology, dental practitioners are also finding the faster and smarter way to work more efficiently using digital technology. With the goal of improving productivity, lowering costs and increasing patient satisfaction, dental professionals are now focused on the implementation of modern IT Technologies in their daily practice.

Speed of Integration: – Digital Dentistry :-

The most significant advances emerging in digital dentistry are in the field of CAD-CAM, Intraoral imaging, diode lasers etc. due to which dentistry has now noticeably improved.

Digital dentistry integration helps dental professionals to manage the practice and maintain patient records thoroughly digitalized and allow to make required changes with highly effective software’s and systems refer tailored to dentistry and dental practices.

Dental Units and Digital Dentistry :-

We call dental unit as traditional unit which performs all the basic chair functions but now it requires essential changes along with the integration of digital dentistry to change traditional dental Unit to advanced one, which will give safety to the dentists and to the patient along with the new learnings in the daily routine practice.

Moving towards digital dentistry helping dental professionals to get accurate and quality Work for their patients along with the clinical procedural management with hygiene safety of their own and their team members.

Digital dentistry acting like a bridge which is filling the gap of dentists perception for dental treatment unit, for patients comfort and degree of reassurance of all functions with dental unit durability for longer period. 

 Modern designing in dental units addressing following solutions to the dentist’s although by relying on both tradition and innovation in modern era: –

* Bio system
* Multimedia features
* Trendelenburg position
* Integrated Apex Locator and Endo Function
* Integrated implantology
* Safety Anti crushing System
* exceptional Ergonomics Designing

“The digitalized development in dentistry leading towards greater efficiency combined with clinical excellence”

As per the current scenario, the prevention of cross contamination and risk of infection should also be controlled in a clinical environment. Keeping this in mind, dental chairs are now equipped with BIO-SYSTEM, a solution to disinfect the dental chair tubings and thus make every patient safe from any type of transmitted infections. 

Along with the features to make the works easier for the dentist, providing comfortable atmosphere to patient is also essential to receive word-of-mouth referrals. Modern dental chairs are made for Optimum patient comfort along with required safety features. Digital dentistry integration technology gives freedom to the dental professionals to choose their “tool” according to their needs and priority.  Safety Anti-crushing system to prevent any breakage or damage for any object in the dental clinic, required customization as per the requirement by the dentist for both left handed and right handed dentist, integration of implant motor system to the delivery unit are newly added features to dental chair to provide the dentist a peace of mind and work efficiently in the dental clinic. 

Conclusion: Digital Dentistry no doubt changed the mindset of the dental professionals related to the efficient working style with the safety features along with integrated specialization procedural features in the dental chair and gives clarity to choose the right choice according to the specific needs. These highly advanced dental chairs are also available online to buy in discounted price, also in packages for fast & hassle-free delivery anywhere in India. We are hopeful that in the coming future Best Dental Chair price will get more advanced to make clinical procedures more safe and secure and highly efficient.



UV Chamber For Daily Dental Practice

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is used in daily dental practice to ensure the maximum safety of the instruments used in patients for various dental procedures and as an added step to the infection control process after sterilization.  It keeps the sterilized dental instruments and equipments free of contaminations for a longer period of time.

Uv chamber

Utilizing UV Cabinet in a dental clinic provides patients peace of mind, knowing that an extra preventive measure has been taken to ensure the individual’s safety and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

To minimize the potential for transmission of infectious diseases during dental care, proper & reliable infection control is imperative. Ultraviolet rays have long been recognized as a powerful solution without using chemicals or heat for microbicidal effect. 

Dental instruments contaminated with various bacteria or viruses can be a possible health threat to dental professionals. To get rid of any type of microbial infection and to prevent the risk of cross-contamination, by directly interacting with microbial DNA, an innovative way has been identified that is UV-C light. 

Since the mid 20th Century, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is being used for many sterilization measures but has recently been utilized for surface sanitization as well as storing the sterilizer equipment and instruments, disinfecting the dental impressions, etc. For bacteria, vegetative spores, viruses, mold, mould spores, yeasts, algae, UV-C light of 254 nm is destructive. The organic materials are saved from being absorbed by UV light due to the low penetration capacity of the UV light.

Dental UV Chamber Structure: This Dental UV Chamber outer body material is made of epoxy coated heavy gauge MS sheets and the inner chamber is made of rust-proof stainless steel ensuring greater durability.

Inside the chamber, it is equipped with stainless steel trays to keep the sterilized dental instruments and a UV-C tube for continuously eliminating the growth of bacteria or virus on the instruments and maintain the sterilization. This UV-C tube has an auto cut off the system when the door is opened to prevent exposure to human skin for safety. This UV Chamber also has a peeping window to ensure the UV-C tube is working properly and the instruments are continuously exposed to the UV-C germicidal light. UV chamber is a “plug n play” device that saves the time of the dental practitioner or dental assistant.

How UV-C light Works :

UVGI works by interacting with DNA of bacteria, damaging the nucleic acid to destroy the reproductive capability. A shorter wavelength of UV-C is used i.e. 254 nm to disrupt the microbial DNA. Based on the duration of exposure, the efficacy of ultraviolet radiation is determined and resistant microorganisms may be irradiated more than once to break them down. This suggests that the longer a microbial colony is exposed, the more microbes are affected or if they exhibit resistance, may be attacked more than once or longer. 

Advantages of UV Chamber: 

  • A small investment in energy consumption, without ongoing operating cost. 
  • Most environment-friendly way of disinfection without any toxic chemicals or heat. 
  • Effortless disinfection method and time-saving in the dental clinic.
  • Long term maintenance of sterilization in instruments
  • Safe to use the dental device.
  • Comes in an economical range, can be easily affordable. 
  • Provides extra assurity for safe dental treatment. 
  • Reliable and 100% result in each time.

Conclusion: A fast-growing and invaluable alternative to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections is the UV Chamber. The UV Chamber is an incredibly effective disinfectant and offers a sanitary workspace. The welfare of the patients and clinical staff employed in the same dental clinic is entrusted to the dental professionals. In this way, they should prepare a systematic method to mitigate the transmission of infection and help build a clean environment for their patients and staff. 



CAD CAM Technology : An Ease in Digital Dentistry

Dentistry is growing and the latest technology added to dentistry is CAD-CAM TECHNOLOGY

CAD-CAM DENTISTRY is the technology which eases the dental lab work such as DENTAL CROWNS, COPINGS ETC. for the clinician and Dental Lab Professionals with all digital work.


  1. CAD-CAM and Intraoral Scanner Imaging- both are clinicians and laboratory-controlled.
  2. Computer-aided Implant Dentistry- includes designing and fabrication of customized abutments, screw-retained crowns, and surgical guides.
  3. Manufacturing of the Dental Works either by milling or 3D Printing.
  4. Planning of implant placement and Producing of the Surgical guide for Minimal Blood loss implant surgeries 
  5. The latest addition to the world of Digital dentistry is DIGITAL DENTURES AND CLEAR ALIGNERS






Why move into Digital Dental World?

Moving towards digital dentistry is an irreversible trend for the last few years. It helps dental professionals to get accurate, précised, and quality work for their patients. With the help of these dental professionals can provide the same day dentistry work.

Most of the important thing is that dental professionals can give comfort to their patients by making impressions with intraoral scans and the cad cam crowns.

However, The future always brings new challenges in every field so there will also be some challenges that would be pointed ahead:

Digitalization with CAD-CAM Technology.   HOW???

As we have moved toward the digitalization of dentistry there is a need for a completely new set of skills in dental professionals in order to get adapted to this New Technology.  Even the tools of this era are different from the conventional one and much easier to operate.

For learning the CAD-CAM technology, It is necessary to have basic knowledge of computer and Dentistry. The one who has this knowledge can easily operate and run the CAD-CAM machines and do their work faster and easier.

CAD-CAM technology has a wide range and options for Milling and 3d printing for Dental Applications.  Different materials such as Discs for milling and resins for 3d Printing.

There is a bloom of open systems nowadays but there are also limitations in the availability of materials that are to be used for the same. Need for a wide variety of surfaces, colors, and layering materials that can be done on a wide range of materials that are good in esthetics as well as in durability. There is also a need for more research on the clinical behavior, biomechanical characterization, and applications of the new dental materials which is necessary for dental professionals to increase their knowledge and applications of those particular materials.

How Digitalization in Dentistry can be Beneficial?

With the new goal set on increased efficiency, greater patient satisfaction, and high cost-cutting, dental professionals are now more focused to move towards the newest technology to do their work easier and faster. It will help them to provide quality work to their Users.

CAD-CAM has enabled excellent communication between dental operators, professionals, and patients. In near future and it will be easier for all of them to discuss their cases and treatment plans with each other by just uploading the particular files from their open ends portal.

Thus a patient will be more comfortable in eliminating the unwanted procedures one has to face during conventional dentistry.

If the clinician has chairside 3D printing and milling unit, one can get instant temporary restorations till the permanent restoration is fabricated by the dental lab professionals.

Even the fabrication of complete denture prostheses is made quick and easy by the use of CAD-CAM technology, as there is a hassle-free environment while fabricating a dental prosthesis by CAD-CAM equipment.

Implant placement is much précised and pre-evaluated with the use of digital equipment provided in CAD-CAM setup as compared to conventional methods.

Now, the operator can show the technical aspects of the implant placement along with the bone density and the possibilities that one can have with the treatment by the pre-surgical guides available in the digital world with the help of CAD-CAM, and the procedure also becomes less complicated. The pre-surgical instruction guide can also be generated by the use of appropriate CAD-CAM software, which also provides sufficient information for the operator by which the procedure becomes easy and effective.

The new generations of intraoral scanners feature a better diagnostic aid in the detection of surface caries and proximal caries, which are not visible by the naked eye. Thus, there is also a new direction available for preventive dentistry with the help of specific digital dental world equipment.


CAD-CAM has no doubt changed the concept of the modern world dentistry. Different specialties of dentistry are being successfully benefited by CAD-CAM. Either orthodontics or prosthodontics, quality treatment is possible with accuracy and effectiveness. With CAD-CAM, dentists can get high-quality inlays, onlays, implant abutments, cast partial dentures, crowns, bridges, etc. Maxillo-facial prosthesis and orthodontic clear aligners are also being produced by CAD-CAM. We are hopeful that in the near future, CAD-CAM will go on a more advanced level for the benefit of mankind.



Endomotor- A boon in Endodontics

For decades, dentists have used handheld instrumentation methods to form the root canal. These techniques included the use of a collection of endodontic files used in the Step Back method to prepare the root canal.

This has taken a lot of time and has been a time-consuming method that has been changed now. This new method has become more effective with increased possibilities with the advancement in technology and engineering.

Dental Endomotors is equipment intended to make the endodontic process simpler, as they enable mechanically driven files to be used.

This allows the endodontist to prepare the endodontic canals with better speed and convenience. The endodontic motors consist of a central body that controls the unit, a micro-motor, a contra-angle to which the various files are adapted, and often a pedal that enables the various functions to be operated by the foot.

There are an automatic file system and an endodontic motor of all renowned brands that deal in endodontic products, so it is suggested to use the same brand engine

Endodontic motors, however, are relatively independent of the file system. We can use any Endo motor with any file system except a reciprocate file system.

So it’s proven that you need to move away from hand instrumentation as it slows down and limits the amount of endodontic Treatment. You can perform in a day. ou plan to switch on to an Endo motor instrumentation that provides steady speed and torque.

But what are the criteria you need to keep in mind while buying an endo motor?

There are some most important points when choosing an endo motor.

  1. Accessible programs:

Endomotors usually have file variants of their own if we’re sure that we’re just going to deal with system files, We can consider buying the same manufacturer’s Endomotor. However, Advanced Endomotors is compatible with all file systems of the major brand.

2.Wireless or pedal Driven: 

These are a few examples, but let us decide which one we should go for. TCM  Endo20 Motor or the Krofit Endo E class Endodontic  Motor, are pedal-driven. NSK Endomate TC2, NSK Endomate DT, AT have the option of Wireless foot pedal.

  1. Rotary or reciprocation:

All endodontic motors have the feature of continuous rotary movement (Endodontics Path Files, Endodontics Pro-taper Files, etc.) but Some motors have the Reciprocal Files or Wave One Files feature.

Rotary endodontics was able to produce better outcomes with a lower risk of procedural errors such as transposition of the file inside the canal and root perforation.

But then another breakthrough came with the release of the 4th generation rotary files. This was the use of reciprocating motion, which was Perceived to be more powerful than continuous rotation.

According to the US Endodontic Practice, the following advantages have been shown when reciprocating files are used:

  • Prolongs the life of rotary
  • Reciprocationgives the same cutting quality as rotary
  • The files preserve the original anatomy of the
  • Decreased time to form the canals
  • A lesser or equal amount of dentin crack formation is produced when rotary motion is compared.

If you are planning to use any of the alternating motion file systems, you can select a motor that allows you to alternate or reciprocate rotation. The most up-to-date endodontic motors have the feature of Alternating or reciprocating rotation.

4. Significance of Speed and Torque : 

An endo motor with speed and torque control is required to have full control of the instrumentation. In endodontics, the normal speed range used is between 150 and 650 rpm. Faster speeds have better cutting
performance but are more likely to cause separation and fracturing of the instrument.

For the past few years, the use of slow velocity high-torque has been the agreed instrumentation type. Data, however, shows that due to this combination of speed and torque, there are quite a few iatrogenic errors that occur. The new reasoning is to use low torque instrumentation techniques for slow speeds. The use of a particular ideal (right) torque would be a much more preferable parameter.

When it comes to speed and torque settings, select an endo motor that provides great versatility, as different file systems have different ideal torque values. So, speed and torque control are very important points before you choose your endo motor.

5.Auto Stop- Forward-Reverse :

The auto-functioning features of Advanced endodontic motors make it easier to carry out endodontic procedures and reduce the chance of operational error. The functions being built into the newest endo motors are Auto Stop, Auto Forward, and Auto Reverse. When the torque limit is reached, the auto-reverse feature causes the file’s rotation to shift to the opposite direction. This reduces the load on the rotary file considerably. The motor headpiece automatically returns to a regular forward rotation when the excess load is removed.

An endo motor can be a great asset to the practice of endodontics with such versatility and help avoid adverse results such as instrument fracture.

6.Flexibility all with File Systems :

An endo motor that is sufficiently versatile to be used with various rotary file systems.

While endo motor manufacturers suggest using their brand files for better performance, it is not necessary to disregard the need to use another file system. So Choose an endo motor which is compatible with all major brand file system.

  1. Integrated with Apex Locator

The Advanced Endomotor has the technology of simultaneously using two devices to guarantee the precision and efficiency of the endo treatment. A few of the top-selling endo motors are NSK, the woodpecker. For integration into Endodontic instruments (ENDO-MATE TC2 / ENDO-MATE DT / ENDO-MATE AT / Contra-angle) The NSK endodontics products and iPexII ensure safe, precise, and efficient root canal procedures.

The development of technology in recent decades has made it possible that amongst all professions, the dental profession is truly a massive boon. At some stage in time, going on from hand instrumentation to rotary endodontics is par for the course for any dentist. We hope this blog will help you select the right motor-driven endodontic device when the time comes, which increases your productivity and enhances the consistency of your care with every day that passes. Unicorn Denmart offers the Latest new generation of Dental Endomotors at a very competitive price. Also, it is available online on Best Dental Deals for sale & for easier purchasing and fast delivery to the dentist.



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