Basics of Dental OPG & Its Applications

The term OPG (Ortho-Pan-Tomo-Gram) is made up of 4 words. Ortho means “to align”, Pan means “wide view”, Tomo means “to slice” and Gram means “to record”. So it makes a curved structure into a single wide image. Dental OPG shows flattened 2D images covering hard structures from ear to ear. OPG takes multiple images of multiple planes and combines all images to single composite panoramic images.

(Have you ever tried the panorama view of your mobile camera? OPG works like that.)

Dr. Patero & Dr. Numato were the first to explain the principle of OPG and extraoral film. The working principle of OPG depends on the Focal Trough or Image layer. It’s a three-dimensional virtual area where the structure (mainly Maxilla and Mandible) present inside it appears clear and sharp and the structure outside it appears blurred. Structures, which fall in front of or behind, the focal trough, can be distorted, magnified, or reduced.

As the tube head rotates around the patient, the x-ray beam passes through different parts of the jaws, producing multiple images that appear as one continuous image on the film (“panoramic view”)

The principal advantage of panoramic images/OPGs:

* Broad coverage of facial bones and teeth including the TMJ (temporomandibular joint)

* Low patient radiation dose

* Convenience of examination for the patient

* Ability to be used in patients who are restricted in opening their mouth

* Short time required for producing the image

* Useful visual aid in patient education and case presentation

An OPG can be used to look for

1.     Fractures

2.     Dislocated jaw

3.     Infection

4.     Dentition (teeth)

5.     Surgical planning.

6. Impacted wisdom teeth

7. Periodontal bone loss

8. Finding the source of dental pain

9. Assessment for the placement of dental implants

10. Orthodontic assessment

If we see Indian market there are few good OPG machines among which Genoray Papaya is leading the market with its amazing unique features, High-quality Images, and service support. With more than 350 OPG installations pan India with a short period of 3 years only, Genoray OPG is now Doctor’s first choice.

Genoray Papaya is a hybrid combination of OPG, CEPH, and Cross-sectional features of Genoray Papaya 3D Plus Dental CBCT Machine. It is the only available OPG in India that has the feature of TMJ PA-Lateral Double view, Segmental OPG, 9 arch shapes, 3 scan modes ( HD, Normal, Fast), smart ceph without lateral ceph arm, and cross-sectional images ( 256 slices CUST feature). It is the only OPG available that can do Bone measurements in Bucco-palatal or Buuco-Lingual and mesio-distal together for Implant practice in a single quadrant.

So with these amazing unique features, Genoray OPG is now the leading OPG in India.

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