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Is Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Better Than Hand Cleaning?

A dental professional’s ability to keep his or her patients satisfied is crucial to their success. It’s imperative to understand what patients expect from the dentist as a profession and to ensure that we can provide it. One of the most important aspects of this is being able to effectively communicate with patients so that they understand … Continue reading

Latest Trends In Dentistry

Trends put a spotlight on something new, not just from an individual standpoint, but on a macro level also. Without trends, we would have a routine of sameness. Trends help us to understand in which direction a particular field is heading. Some of the latest trends in Dentistry are as follows: Emotional Dentistry In recent … Continue reading

Digital Workflow – An Anti-Cross-Infection Solution for Your Dental Clinic

Dental practitioners are exposed to a variety of infectious disease agents found in patients’ saliva and blood, necessitating infection control and universal prevention methods in the dental office, considering that some of these diseases result in lost work and time for dental staff and patients, potentially cause complications, and have a low success rate. Moreover, if … Continue reading

5 Reasons To Choose Gnatus Dental Chair For Safe Dental Practice

Dental safety should be prioritized in any dental clinic without any exception. Dental professionals can help their patients to have a stress-free clinical experience by providing a secure dental environment.  In a dental clinic, the first thing noticed by a patient in a dental chair. Every dentist’s first choice is to invest in a high-quality … Continue reading

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