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Corona Sanitizer - UV-C Box

Corona Sanitizer - UV-C Box

Corona Sanitizer - UV-C Box

As a preventive measure of transmission of COVID-19, Unicorn Denmart presents to you, “Corona Sanitizer”, a “Make in India” product, based on proven UV-C Technology, tested & certified by DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization).

Here are some Key Points:

  • UV-C with a dose of 250mJ/ cm2 deactivates the COVID-19 virus when exposed for 1 min.
  • UV-C technology – kills almost 99%  Bacteria and inactivate virus e.g. Covid-19, E.coli, salmonella, influenza etc.
  • UV-C light destroys the genetic material RNA/DNA of the virus, hence arrests the replication and prevents further transmission.
  • Easy to operate with timer setting – Beep sound after 1 min of complete sanitization & reminder beep after 5 min.
  • The UV-C lamp gets off after 5 minutes automatically to increase life of the lamp.
  • Compact design & lightweight make it easy to place anywhere in-home or office.
  • Safe to use due to Auto-cut off of UV-C light when the door is open.
  • Magnetic strips on the door make it auto-close and provide complete sealing for proper sanitization process.
  • Eco-friendly & non-contact sanitization.
  • Maintenance-free with effortless “Plug n Play” installation method.


  • To be used for surface sanitization only.
  • Keep the device away from the reach of children.
  • Do not place open liquid or cooked food item directly.
  • Strictly avoid eye/skin exposure.
  • Do not use any chemical disinfectant to clean. ( Use dry cloth only)
  • Turn off the main switch when not in use.

  • Dimension (L×B×H) – 403 × 200 × 250 mm
  • Wavelength – 253.7nm
  • Phillips UV-C Tube – 8W power (2 Nos.- One in top and one in bottom)
  • SS Mirror finish reflectors to enhance the UV intensity
  • Chamber Material – Rust-proof, heavy gauge & Epoxy coated MS Sheet
  • Warranty - 1 year ( No Warranty on UV-C lamp)
  • Personal belongings as well as household and office objects e.g. purse, wallet, watch, jewelry, books, masks, currency, envelopes, packed food items, fruits & vegetables etc. can be well sanitized under UV-C light to minimize the risk of indirect transmission of virus from any infected surface.

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