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Oxygen Concentrator - 8Ltr

Oxygen Concentrator - 8Ltr

Oxygen Concentrator - 8Ltr

8L Oxygen Concentrator with a splitter that can support up to 4 people at a time and is more suited for small clinics. This Portable oxygen concentrator is a medical device that supports people with low oxygen levels in their circulatory system. For old age patients, it helps to increase immunity, avoid diseases and oxygen therapy. It is very useful for women for preservation of skin nutrition or elasticity. It is also effective for pregnant women as it helps to grow fetus, to enable remove toxins and melanin for stimulation of skin’s blood circulation.

Here are some key points of 8L Oxygen Concentrator Portable:

  • 8L of oxygen flow for physical therapy.
  • It can be customized for many industries such as Hyperbaric chamber, glass work etc.
  • It can run continuously to solve the problem of oxygen inhalation.
  • For very simple operation, stylish & user-friendly design.
  • Machine is integrated with time accumulation function to decide the oxygen inhalation for the time period to be carried out.
  • 4 Alarm functions:

              o   Low Oxygen Concentration Alarm

              o   Power Off Alarm

              o   Pressure Circulation Fault Alarm

              o   Compressor Fault Alarm

  • 4-way splitter that can support up to 4 persons at a time
  • Light weight makes it easy to transfer and convenient to use.

Technical Specifications:

Model No

DO2 -8AH

DO2 - 8AM

Oxygen Flow

1 -8 LPM

1 -8 LPM

Oxygen Purity

93% +- 3%

93% +- 3%

Low Oxygen Alarm




Nebulizer, 4-way splitter

4-way splitter

Power Consumption

< 540W>

< 540W>

Output Pressure

0.05 -0.07 Mpa

0.05 -0.07 Mpa

Operational Noise (dB)


Net Weight

42.3 lbs (19.2 kgs)

42.3 lbs (19.2 kgs)

Operating Lamp

5 Degree C - 40 Degree C

5 Degree C - 40 Degree C


43 * 32 * 62 cm

43 * 32 * 62 cm

Power Supply

AC 220V /50Hz

AC 220V /50Hz

Operational Instructions:

The Oxygen Concentrator is powered by plugging in the device into an electrical outlet. Then it receives the air, compresses the oxygen, purifies it & then release the concentrated oxygen into the air by extracting the nitrogen from it.

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