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An autoclave or steam sterilizer is imperative to the dental practice. It is an equipment that uses pressure and temperature to kill the microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc. and completely sterilize instruments and equipment. Moist heat penetrates the materials much more rapidly than dry heat. It destroys the vegetative spores of the bacteria and inactive viruses, results in effective sterilization.

The concept for dental autoclave sterilizer and its role is for infection control and prevent cross-contamination and sepsis during surgical procedures.

We have the best autoclave for the dental clinic.

Types of Dental Autoclaves:

N-type Autoclave:

• Non-Vaccum sterilizer.

• Sterilization through thermodynamic air displacement

• Unwrapped solid instruments only can be sterilized.

B-type Autoclave:

• Triple Vaccum sterilizer.

• Vaccum cycle before sterilization to remove contaminated air for effective sterilization.

• Another Vaccum cycle after sterilization for removal of moist air from the chamber.

• Last Vaccum cycle after dry cycle ensures 100% sterilization.

• Unwrapped/wrapped, solid or hollow or porous instruments can be sterilized.

Autoclaves for Dental Clinic:

An autoclave is an essential part of the dental clinic. Dental instruments such as mouth mirrors, probes, explorers, forceps that come into contact with blood and non-intact mucous membranes must be sterilized properly. The easiest way is to use a B class autoclave where the instruments can be sterilized effectively and enhance the quality of the dental practice.

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