Runyes Feng 23L – Class B Autoclave with USB Recorder

02 Key Highlights

  • B+ cycle for sterilization (Prion Cycle).
  • Double door lock system to prevent potential danger caused by incorrect operation.
  • Steam Spray barrier to protect the instruments from damage.
  • Water filter in the chamber to prevent the drainage pipe from blocking.
  • Steam generator cleaning program to increase the efficiency of an autoclave.
  • The cooling condenser in the waste-water tank to prevent the tank from deform under heat.
  • USB functioning to store sterilization cycle (More than 2000 Fresh Cycles).
  • Reduced Full Cycle Time
  • B type front loading autoclave with triple Vacuum cycle.
  • Drying Time Selection 1min & 5min (Default Time 15 min).
  • Multiple Sensors (Pressure Sensor, Chamber Outer Temperature Sensor, Chamber Inner Temperature Sensors etc..)
  • Precise Real Time Pressure & Temperature.
  • Friendly operation interface, simple and easy.
  • -92 Kpa Increased Vaccum Pump Efficiency.
  • B & D test to check the temperature penetration capacity of the sterilizer and Leak test to monitor whether there is leakage.
  • 3 temperature selection : 121⁰ C , 134⁰ C & B+.
  • Sterilization of unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, porous/non-porous instruments can be done.
  • Step button to select a date, month, year and time to store the sterilization cycle.
  • 2 separate water tanks available: Distilled Bigger water tank with 3.5litre capacity and waste-water tank with 5litre capacity.
  • The cooling condenser in the waste-water tank to reduce the water temperature and prevent deformation of the tank.
  • Water quality check sensor / Water level Sensor in the distilled water tank available.
  • Provision to connect with External Printer (RS232 Port).
  • Double door lock system i.e. airlock & mechanical lock to prevent potential damage.
  • B+ cycle in 134⁰ C temperature and sterilization holding time of 18 min for effective sterilization.
  • Dual Radiator Fans for Fast Cooling.
  • Aluminium Foil Insulation cotton for better heat preservation.
  • Stainless Steel Connectors in Internal Parts for Corrosion Resistance.
  • ISO & CE Certified

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04 Frequently Asked Questions

What is B+ cycle in Runyes Feng 23L Dental Autoclave?

B+ cycle is also known as the Prion cycle, in this cycle, the sterilization holding time is for 18 min to destroy the heat resistant prion bacteria on the reusable dental instruments and provide 100% sterilized instruments before surgical procedures or dental implant procedures.

Why B class steam sterilizers are recommended to use in dentistry?

B class steam sterilizers have triple vacuum cycles that help in effective sterilization of reusable dental instruments. Due to vacuum cycle the trapped air inside porous or hollow instruments gets evacuated properly and then the steam gets penetrated into the instruments for effective sterilization. So, B class autoclave is only recommended due to easy sterilization of solid/hollow, porous/non-porous, wrapped/unwrapped instruments.

What is B & D test is used for in B Class Autoclave?

B & D test i.e. Bowie and Dick test in the autoclave is used to check proper temperature penetration into the dental instruments for proper sterilization. A litmus paper is wrapped in a gauze piece and kept inside the autoclave. Then the sterilization cycle is started. After the cycle completes, if the litmus paper colour is changed from pink to blue or black, then the autoclave is B&D test qualified and doing 100% sterilization.

How to download the data from the Dental Autoclave?

Before starting of the sterilization cycle, the date, time and year etc. is saved through STEP button on the control panel. Once the cycle completes, the USB is connected to the USB port available on the front control panel of the autoclave. Once the data gets downloaded to the Pendrive, the light blinks. The Pen drive now can be removed and connected to any desktop or laptop to check the sterilization cycle.

Why there is a steam spray barrier inside the chamber of Feng 23L Autoclave?

As the name suggests, the steam spray barrier prevents direct spray of steam on the instruments and thus prevent rusting or damage to the instruments. Due to the steam spray barrier, the steam inside the chamber evenly disperses in the chamber.

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