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Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair (improve)

Designed & built inside Europe first dental unit production hub, the A3 Plus personifies all the key values of the Anthos brand: -practically, reliability, flexibility & safety.

With improve version Anthos A3+ embodies dental chair performance features like:- potential, quality & performance. What make Anthos A3+ so different are the intuitive operations, maximum adaptability, advanced hygiene system, induction micro motor, an instrument control panel with numerical display & pneumatically stabilized dentist’s module arm comes in two versions International and Continental gives wide choice to the dental professionals.

Key features:-

  • Electrically controlled Multi-Programmable Dental chair with 4 working positions + 2 (rinse and automatic return, return-to-zero position)
  • Emergency stop - stop the movement of the dental chair by pressing any key from Dental chair control buttons.
  • A multi-functional foot control unit makes it possible to activate/deactivate instruments and operate the Chip Air and Chip Water functions.
  • Stop vacuum- ON/OFF of the suction system through foot control placed in the bottom of the chair.
  • Integrated safety device at base, backrest & assistant arm to avoid entrapment.
  • Customized assistant module arm meets dental team’s needs.
  • Seamless upholstery with lumbar support for patient comfort.
  • Integrated Digital Control panel makes operator’s work easier.
  • Optional Bio system makes Anthos A3 Plus Hygiene.
  • Trendelenburg movement feature for the emergency situation.

Foot Control:-

  • Multifunctional foot control for easy operations and chair control movements
  • Ergonomic design with hygiene advantage ( wireless foot control).
  • Activation and progressive adjustment of instruments speed and spray by lever control.
  • Air and water control for running instruments and activation of rinse (and automatic return) and return-to-zero position programs.
  • Instrument speed and power adjustment feature makes every operation more ergonomic.

Water Unit:-

  • Disinfectable and removable bowl, made of melamine resin, rotating of 270°.
  • Capacitive control panel:- resistant and easily sanitized.
  • Integrated optional hygiene system gives safe clinical environment.
  • Integrated Bio System optional provides protected clinical environment.
  • Control command for water level.

Delivery Unit:

  • DIGIT TOUCH display to visualize and control the instruments parameters and the hygiene devices.
  • Improved dentist module available in International and Continental versions, with double articulated, mechanical brake and two 4-way MIDWEST modules, , micromotor, scaler and 3 Way syringe on Delivery unit.
  • The lightweight, compact i-MMr micromotor can be set to reach speeds between 100and 40,000 rpm.
  • Anti-retraction system for the sprays of instruments (O.D.R. system) - Automatic Chip Air.
  • Independent spray regulation for each instrument.
  • Touch pad control with alphanumeric display allows performance control management.
  • Digital control panel with X-Ray viewer.
  • 6 instrument optional applications improve ergonomic usability

Dental LED Light:-

  • Venus Plus L LED sensor light with 3000 K to 50000 K Lux intensity.
  • Colour temperature is 5.000 K . Infrared sensor to switch on/off and regulate intensity.
  • Minimum shadow feature gives clear visibility to the dentist.
  • Orbital movement gives flexibility to the operating field.
  • Protective screen. Disinfectable and removable handles.


  • Water Hygiene Equipment continuous disinfection system from water borne contaminants.
  • BIOSTER & FLUSING eliminates stagnant liquid from the ducts.
  • Out Drop No Retraction mechanism automatically emits air jet from the handpiece after use.
  • Double filters to trap the solid particles and avoid water clogging.

Technical Specification:-

  • 3 axis movement of headrest allows more precise positioning.
  • Safety system at the base, backrest & assistant arm module to avoid entrapment.
  • Digital Control Panel with alphanumeric display gives control to manage the instruments according to operators needs.
  • With Anthos A3plus active passive hygiene system reduces the risk of cross -contamination.
  • The Dental chair has Lifting capacity: up to 190 Kg




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