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Anthos Classe L6

Anthos Classe L6

Anthos Classe L6

Anthos Classe L6 ( evolve)

New Version in Anthos L series gives a new way of working where ergonomic merges with operational freedom to provide enhanced performance with more effective results where technological innovations favors dental professionals to take the dentistry at different level with an effective results.

Designed & built inside Europe first dental unit production hub, the L6 Plus personify More reassurance, More Freedom and More Effectiveness to become 1st choice of every dental professional

With evolve version Anthos L6+ embodies dental chair performance features like: -  flexibility, freedom, & skills.

Anthos L6 with new design provides perfect effective workflow to optimize your time efficiency , to maximize your effectiveness and to increase productivity. Its intuitive operations, maximum adaptability, advanced hygiene system, induction micro motor, an instrument control panel with numerical display & pneumatically stabilised dentist’s module arm comes in two versions International ( Side Delivery) and Continental gives wide choice to the dental professionals.

Unicorn Denmart stands with Dental professionals who wanted to experience high end dental units operations with Anthos L6 Plus.

Key Highlights :- 

  • The Dental chair has Lifting capacity: up to 190 Kg.
  • Height-adjustable headrest with double articulation and manually controlled stop.
  • Safety system at the base, backrest & assistant arm module to avoid entrapment.
  • LCD Touch display to visualize and control the instruments parameters and the hygiene devices (optional). Graphic icons signalling the activated functions .
  • With Anthos L6 active passive hygiene system reduces the risk of cross -contamination
  • Electrically controlled Multi-Programmable Dental chair with 4 working positions + 2 (rinse and automatic return, return-to-zero position)
    Emergency stop - stop the movement of the dental chair by pressing any key from Dental chair control buttons.
    A multi-functional foot control unit makes it possible to activate/deactivate instruments and operate the Chip Air and Chip Water functions.
    Stop vacuum- ON/OFF of the suction system through foot control placed in the bottom of the chair
    Integrated safety device at base, backrest & assistant arm to avoid entrapment
    Customized assistant module arm meets dental team’s needs.
    Seamless upholstery with lumbar support for patient comfort.
    Integrated Digital Control panel makes operator’s work easier.
    Optional Bio system makes Anthos L6  Hygiene.
    Trendelenburg movement feature for the emergency situation

Technical Specification:-  

Foot Control:-

  • Activation and progressive adjustment of instruments speed and sprays by lever control with lateral excursion 
  • Activation chip air and piping rinse (W.C.S.) - Activation of rinse (and automatic return) and return-to-zero position programs 
  • Joystick to control the main functions (activation of chair movements, switching on of surgical light, micromotor rotation inversion, micromotor memory changeover, optional peristaltic pump activation
  • Ergonomic design with hygiene advantage ( wireless foot control)
  • Activation and progressive adjustment of instruments speed and spray by lever control
  • Instrument speed and power adjustment feature makes every operation more ergonomic 

Water Unit:-

  • Cuspidor unit resting on the floor. 
  • Autoclavable and removable ceramic bowl, rotating of 270°. 
  • Removable and disinfectable cup filler and cup holder units. 

Dental LED Light:

  • Venus Plus L LED sensor light with 3000 K to 50000 K Lux intensity.
  • Colour temperature is 5.000 K . Infrared sensor to switch on/off and regulate intensity.
  • Minimum shadow feature gives clear visibility to the dentist.
  • Orbital movement gives flexibility to the operating field.
  • Protective screen. Disinfectable and removable handles. 

Delivery Unit:

  • It houses up to 6 instruments (6th instrument as option - for integrated camera or curing light) - disinfectable and removable instruments hoses
  • Removable stainless steel tray holder, suitable to house two standard trays
  • Locking system of the recall lever of the instruments (syringe excluded)
  • Anti-retraction system for the sprays of instruments (O.D.R. system) - Automatic Chip Air
  • Independent spray regulation for each instrument.
  • Module with 6 functions and stainless steel SYRINGE, with removable and autoclavable handle and angular terminal 
  • 4-way electrified MIDWEST module for fibre optic 
  • Module with Anthos induction MICROMOTOR type i-MMr L (100 - 40,000 rpm / torque 3.3 Ncm) with LED, integrated spray
  • LCD Touch display to visualize and control the instruments parameters and the hygiene devices (optional). Graphic icons signalling the activated functions  
  • Timer activation and management 
  • User profile selection: 4 operators available 
  • ENDODONTIC mode activation, with i-MMs motor (optional) 
  • Visualization of integrated apex locator signal (optional)  
  • Motorized bowl rotation (optional)


BIOSTER and FLUSHING - The automatic BIOSTER system performs intensive disinfection of instrument spray internal circuits with an antiseptic liquid (Peroxy Ag+). FLUSHING eliminates any stagnant liquid from the ducts with a rapid rinsing action.

O.D.R. - As-standard mechanism that automatically emits an air jet to clean any residual liquids or solids from the handpiece after use.

W.H.E. - Certified DVGW continuous disinfection system that prevents backflow contamination of the dental unit water supply and acts against all water-borne contaminants. The use of Peroxy Ag+ is recommended.

Cuspidor bowl unit - Fully removable for fast, effective sanitization, the cuspidor bowl unit consists of parts that are easy to clean and disinfect (ceramic as standard or, as an optional, glass).

Removable support - On the Continental module, the instrument support can be removed and disinfected.

A.C.V.S. - Automatic system for the flushing and disinfection of the suction system. Allows sanitization to be performed between one patient and the next.

S.H.S. - Device that feeds water to the sprays as an independent alternative to mains water. Works via a reservoir filled with distilled water. Extremely useful where mains water is hard.

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