Runyes Innova Pad Dental Chair

02 Key Highlights

  • Anti-crushing system in the base which prevents damage & breakage.
  • ±70 degree movement of the holder rack in the delivery unit for easy access of doctor to the air-rotor.
  • Non-retraction valve in the handpiece coupling to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Emergency switch in the chair near the knee of the doctor to prevent any unwanted movements.
  • Sofa-type leather upholstery with interior panel adopts plastic injection to support the curvature of the spine for the patient during long dental procedures.
  • Time Delay function in the suction unit to clear out the suction tube for the prevention of contamination.
  • Acrylic sleek base which is anti-skid and has dedicated switches for Innova pad dental chair movements.
  • Taiwan heavy-duty DC motor.
  • Anti-crushing system in the base, which pauses on any obstruction and shift upward to release the obstacle, hence prevent damage.
  • Traditional foot control with chip air & chip water controlled by a retraction valve replaces the use of a 3-way syringe and saves the time of doctor.
  • Sofa-type leather upholstery with air tunnels to maintain the airflow and increase patient comfort.
  • Runyes Innova Pad Dental Chair synchronization function of backrest and seat, easy to maintain Trendelenburg position during an emergency.
  • 3 customized program options with 2 pre-fixed programs i.e. zero position and last working position.
  • 1 inbuilt woodpecker V3 scaler is available, replace the use of tabletop scaler, saves space in the instrument tray.
  • Fixed water unit with 90 degrees rotatable spittoon, easy access of the patient to the spittoon.
  • Independent filter net in the suction to prevent water clogging and separation of solid particles.
  • Luxury proximity sensor-based 4 LED dental light with the intensity of 30,000 Lux for increased visibility.
  • Doctor’s stool with stainless steel base and available adjustment for both height as well as back for increased doctor’s comfort.

03 Delivery Unit

  • Three points for air rotor, oneone 3 way syringe, and one inbuilt fiber optic scaler (V3)
  • Silicon tubing with non-retraction valve in coupling.
  • Wide aluminum alloy instrument tray.
  • + 70Degree movable holder rack in Innova Pad Dental Chair delivery unit

04 Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Handpiece Holder Rack Fixed With The Delivery Unit?

No, the holder rack for handpieces is ±70-degree movable for easy accessibility to the dentist while performing dental procedures.

What Is The Use Of Non-Retraction Valve In The Coupling Of The Delivery Unit?

The Non-Retraction Valve in the coupling of the delivery unit prevents the entry of oral fluids into the handpiece tubings and prevents cross-contamination.

Can Trendelenburg Position Be Maintained In Runyes Innova Pad Dental Chair?

Yes, Runyes Innova Pad Dental Chair has synchronization function that helps in maintaining Trendelenburg position in the dental chair.

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