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Dental compressors are an indispensable element of the dental clinic and very essential for the continuous functioning of the dental practice. The compressor is a machine that intakes the atmospheric air, filters out the moisture through a series of processes such as cooling and adsorption. It provides power to the air-driven equipment like handpieces, 3-way syringe, etc. A dental compressor is the heart of a Dental chair without which the dental chair cannot work.
Why Oil-Free Dental Compressors? 
Oil-lubricated dental compressors produce oleiferous components. The oil and other compounds should not be allowed to seep into the handpiece as it damages the cartridges and valves inside the tubings. The oil causes rusting inside the tank which makes the compressed air contaminated and leads to cause infection in patients when used during surgical procedures.
The quality of compressed air plays a very important role in the maintenance of hygiene. Oil-free compressors provide dry air without seepage of oil or any other compound thus saving the patients to get exposed to pathogens.
Membrane Technology for Compressors:

In a membrane dryer, the fiber is used as a macromolecular membrane that is porous for the humidity and resistance for air (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.). The fiber membrane is build-out of a highly porous coating and a cut coating which is permeable for water. The air before entering into the tank goes through the membrane where the moisture filters out and the air becomes 3 times dryer. It also increases the life of the cartridge and the valves inside the tubings.
Why Unicorn Denmart is best to purchase dental compressors?
To provide quality treatment to the patients, the compressed air should be hygienic. Unicorn Denmart deals with good quality compressors from International brands like GnatusDURR Dental Compressors which are oil-free, super silent, and provide completely dry air. It also has anti-bacterial inner tank coating which prevents rusting, so providing contamination-free and fresh compressed air.

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