Dental Equipment

In a dental clinic, a variety of dental equipment is employed in tandem to provide adequate patient care. Each piece of dental equipment has a distinct purpose.

The utility systems required to run a dental practise are also included in dental equipment.
You may choose to invest in various sorts of dental equipment depending on the type of practise you run and the types of treatments and services you give.

Dental equipment is classified into various categories to include both the types of equipment that every office requires in order to treat patients and the equipment required in practices that provide specialized treatments such as in endodontics or oral surgery.

Phrozen Mini 8K 3D Printer

It is a high-class precision 3D Printer from 3D system for high-quality dental work. With a speed of 40 min to print full plate and 65 microns pixel pitch it is perfect for wide range of dental applications.

Alpha Dual HD Intraoral Camera

The world's first dual oral camera system features a smart HD highest resolution intraoral camera with unique technology and an inbuilt ruler measurement tool.

Runyes Portable X-Ray

Runyes high-frequency portable x-ray machine is a compact & lightweight device, that ensures the safety of both dentist & patient by minimal radiation. It produces a clear, higher-quality image with a better shooting effect through an inbuilt Canon tube and a shorter exposure time.

Runyes Intraoral Sensor

Runyes intraoral sensor provides the high-resolution images with its highly advanced technology & aids in improved diagnosis along with treatment planning. Its unique size 1.3 allows for easy positioning & comfort in both adult & pediatric patients.

Woodpecker PT-3 Scaler

Woodpecker PT-3 Scaler is a multi-function scaler that is beautifully designed with automatic water supply system and a smart touch screen to provide the flexibility of operation to the dentist in Oral prophylaxis & periodontal therapy.

Gnatus BioQualy 3HP Air Compressor

The new Gnatus air compressor is engineered to be among the quietest in dentistry. These Compressors reliably produce clean, dry, oil-free, hygienic air with great performance to provide quality dental treatment in dental clinics.

Endo Smart Plus

Woodpecker Endo Smart + cordless & Brushless endomotor provides you a new experience in root canal treatment. It can easily be connected with the matched apex locator for combined length determination mode in achieving the high precision in endodontic therapy.

Hi-Clean Oil Spray Bottle

Hi-clean oil spray is an advanced lubricating and cleaning agent for the dental handpieces. It is non-toxic and FDA approved product, recommended by NSK.

Biolase Soft Tissue Laser – Epic X

Epic X diode soft tissue laser from Biolase, imported from USA is devoted to deliver various soft tissue surgical procedures through its patented 940nm superior diode wavelength. It is a 3-in-1 multipurpose device that also help you perform bleaching and pain therapy.