NSK Dyna LED Handpiece

02 Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Visibility & Proper Accessibility to the Operating Site.
  • The source of LED light is considerably more robust than Quartz providing Day-Light type of Illumination.
  • NSK Dyna LED Handpiece provides excellent light intensity.
  • For extremely effective LED illumination, the micropower generator DYNAMO is electronically measured to generate the appropriate energy source.
  • Clean Head System: It is a unique safety mechanism that prevents saliva, blood and other oral fluids from going inside the handpiece head automatically, also making the bearings durable.
  • Ceramic Bearings: Fewer vibrations, smooth operation, and no heat generation.
  • Quattro Water Spray: The more cooling effect that minimizes tissue necrosis.

03 Specification

OpticCellular Glass Optics
Intensity25,000 LUX
Standard HeadSpeed : 330,000-450,000 min-1
Head size : 12.1mm x H 13.3 mm
Miniature HeadSpeed : 380,000-450,000 min-1
Head size : 10.6mm x H 12.4 mm
BodyStainless Steel Body
BearingsCeramic Bearings

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

Dyna LED handpiece, Is it durable?

Yes, NSK Dyna LED handpiece is highly durable handpiece with stainless steel body with scratch resistance.

Can Dyna LED be used with a dental hair without fiber optic cable?

Yes, Dyna LED works by the compressed air pressure, hence it can be used in a chair without fiber optic cable.

How Dyna LED works?

Dyna LED handpiece from NSK has a micro power generator, DYNAMO, that works with compressed air pressure and produce illumination to the handpiece. Hence known as self-illuminating handpiece.

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