Dental Handpieces

Dental handpiece are specialized instruments which has totally revolutionized the dental practice. The impact what dental handpieces have produced in clinicians; no other instrument has resulted so far. Hence, handpiece is a vital part of a dental clinic.

A hand piece is a device for holding rotating instruments, transmitting power to them and for positioning them intra orally. It has a varied classification depending upon speed, clinical application, head design and size such as contra angle handpiece and straight handpiece, type of motor, bur holding type, Optic / Non- optic, Gear ratio and color-coding.

A supreme classification of dental handpieces is done on the basis of driven force which helps in the rotation of working burs of the handpiece. On this basis, it can be classified as Air rotor if the speed is high and driving force is compressed air.

On contrary, if the speed is slow and the driving force is electricity then it’s called as air motor and if electricity is utilized for functioning of handpiece, then is said to be micro motor.

Ample number of dental handpieces are in Indian market. One of the branded is of NSK handpiece and in Indian market Unicorn denmart is dealing with this brand.

A leading high-speed handpiece is NSK airotor handpiece is FX plus which has high speed and torque with clean head system, Anti-retraction valve, Quattro spray, long lasting and so on.

Unicorn Denmart, also deals with economical dental handpieces that is Tornado, having the best possible features, stability and price. They are available as standard head, mini head, super torque as per different requirement of practice.

A variety of slow speed handpieces in NSK are S-Max SG 20, S-Max M25, S- Max M65 and among unicorn’s brand is Tornado straight and contra- angle handpiece.

There are other parameters which define the durability and longevity of dental handpieces are the material through which it has been made, whether it is autoclavable , compatibility with different chairs and so on.

Tornado Straight Handpiece

Tornado straight handpiece provides the high cutting performance to the dentist for various clinical procedures.

Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece

With improved accessibility inside oral cavity, Tornado contra angle handpiece provides excellent cutting performance and smooth working to the dentist.

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