NSK S-Max Pico Optic Handpiece

02 Key Highlights

  • Ultra Mini Head for wider view of operational field.
  • Great Access to Last Molar region.
  • Easy to treat pedo patients.
  • Greater flexibility for patient with small mouth opening.
  • Super slim stainless-Steel body.
  • Compatible with pico burs.
  • Improved accuracy of operation with microscope.

03 Specification

Power 9 W
Speed380000 – 450000 RPM
Head Sizeø8.6 x H 9.0 mm
For short shank burs / ultra short shank burs
Accessory bur set

Stainless Steel body
Ceramic Bearings
Clean Head System
Push Button Chuck
Single Spray

04 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Pico?

Pico means ultra mini head; this handpiece comes with the ultra-miniature head for providing easy access to the last molar region or to use in paedo patients.

Can standard burs be used with the handpiece?

This handpiece has smallest head size; hence it can be used only with Pico burs that come along with the handpiece.

Does it have quattro spray system?

It has single spray system.

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