Dental Instruments

Dental instruments are tools that used for diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.

Different dental instruments are used by Dental health care professionals in their various functions and roles. Each is designed for a specific purpose. Many of the Dental instruments can be used again and again after sterilization.

In the Oral Environment there are many obstacles present to the restorative procedures, starting from Diagnosis till the final treatment is done.

Some Basic Dental Instruments Are:
  • Diagnostic Kits: This kit includes instruments used for diagnostic purposes i.e.
  • Mouth Mirror: used to view the areas inside the oral cavity, those are hard to see in direct view.
  • Periodontal Probe: It is used to measure the depth of the periodontal pocket or gingival sulcus.
  • Explorer: It is used to explore the carious lesion in the pits and fissures of tooth surfaces and easy to differentiate between caries and stain.
  • Tweezers/ Cotton Pliers: Used to place Cotton rolls in the sulcular area inside the mouth.
Dental Instruments Used For Filling/Restoration: 

These kits include instruments, those are used for various restorative procedures, e.g., amalgam, composite filling etc.

  1. Amalgam Carrier: This is used to carry the amalgam filling material to the prepared cavity inside the oral cavity.
  2. Burnisher: It is used to make the filling smooth.
  3. Condenser: It is used to condense the filling material inside the prepared cavity.
  4. Mixing Spatula: This is used to mix the dental cement on the glass slab.
  5. Carver: It is used to carve or remove the extra cement from the tooth surface.
  6. Composite Filling Instruments: These instruments set has Teflon (Blue/Gold) coating which prevents sticking of composite cement material to the instruments while placing inside the prepared cavity.
Dental Instruments Used For Cleaning or Periodontal Instruments Kit: 

During periodontal procedures, which require to work around the tooth supporting structures, below instruments can be useful for the dentist.

  1. Periodontal Scalers: These hand instruments allow for removal of stains or calculus from the tooth surface with minimum damage or injury to the underlying gingiva.
  2. Curettes: Used for removal of bacterial toxins from periodontal pockets.

The life span of the API instruments depends on their usage and care.

Rubber Dam Kit – Paedo With 6 Clamps & Clamp Holder

API Dental Rubber Dam Kit Instruments Organizer Wooden Box is given them more strength. A high-quality stainless-steel rubber dam kit, specially designed for Paedo patients, available with 6 clamps. The kit can be autoclavable at 134°C and 100% rust free.

Rubber Dam Kit – With 11 Clamps & Clamp Holder

A high-quality stainless-steel rubber dam kit with Ivory punch handle and available with 11 clamps. It is 100 % corrosion resistance and fully autoclavable.

Impression Trays Set Of 8 (E-Dentulas-Non-Perforated)

Edentulous impression trays are useful for impression making for various prosthetic works in dentistry. The trays are non-perforated rim lock designed, perfect for holding with balance.

Composite Filling Instruments T.C. Blue Set Of 6Pcs

A set of 6 pieces composite filling instruments, blue Teflon coated to avoid stickiness of the composite material on the instrument while condensing. Perfect grip and maximum resistance to wear and corrosion make these instruments highly durable.

Impression Trays Set Of 10 (Dentulas – Perforated)

A high-quality stainless-steel impression trays are specially designed for dentulous patients, comes with small perforations or holes on the tray for easy removal of extra materials. The trays can be autoclavable at 134°C.


Ergonomically designed Luxatome, with sharp blades to cut ligaments, comes with better grip to hold and luxate the tooth during extraction procedures. The set of 9 pieces from API are 100% rut free and fully autoclavable.

Crown & Bridge Remover Fully Automatic With 9 Tips (Turkey Pattern)

A uniquely designed Turkey pattern crown remover is used for crown and bridge removal with its 5 steps push button pattern. Both the tips and handle can be autoclavable and easily adjustable.


API Composite Instruments Gold TC Set Of 6 Pcs CFITCG #1,CFITCG #2,CFITCG #3,CFITCG #4,CFITCG #5,CFITCG #6. To upgrade the quality and durabilty great strainless steel are utilized . To be careful and secure instruments Organizer Blister Pouch are given.

Crown & Bridge Remover Fully Automatic With 9 Tips (Gun Pattern)

A gun pattern crown and bridge remover from API comes with 9 tips for easy removal of crown or bridge that provide perfect grip and balance with reduced risk of wear and corrosion.