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The Biolase dental soft tissue laser iLase is a surgical instrument designed for a broad range of procedures for Dental soft tissue. As a source of invisible infrared radiation, the iLase utilizes a solid-state laser diode. The energy is delivered to the treatment site via the ezTip, a single-use fiber-optic tip assembly. To perform various procedures, many types of ezTips are available for use with the iLase.

The iLase system consists of two elements:

The iLase Handpiece with laser diode, replaceable ezTip fiber optic, removable cover with integrated finger grip, control electronic main body, integrated selector switch, organic LED (OLED) monitor, and rechargeable battery. The iLase Handpiece delivers laser energy, under user control, to the treatment site.

Here are some key features:
  • Finger switch Laser Actuation
  • Maximum of 5W Peak output Power & Continuous Wave Output Power
  • Factory loaded pre-set values
  • Battery Power
  • 940nm Wavelength
  • Comfort PulseTM
  • Bendable, disposable, multiple lengths, multiple diameter tips
  • User-Friendly display & navigation
  • Safety features.

Technical Specification

Laser Classification         IV (4) 

Medium                            AlGaInAs Semi-conductor diode 

Wavelength                     940 ± 10nm 

Max Power Output          0-3.0W max CW/ 0-5.0 Peak Power 

Power Accuracy              ± 20% 

Power Modes                  Continuous, Pulse Modulation 

Fiber Tips Diameter         200µm, 300 µm, 400µm 

Pulse Duration                  0.1 ms – 1 ms

Pulse Interval                   0.2 ms – 1 ms 

NOHD                                2.61 meters


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