BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus All Tissue Laser

02 Key Highlights

  • WaterLase uses patented technology to provide a minimally invasive, highly precise, and an exceptionally gentle dental experience for your patients. 
  • Effectively manage  periodontal and peri-implantitis patients with the REPAIR protocols in WaterLase iPlus.
  • WaterLase iPlus has over 80 different indications for soft-tissue, hard-tissue and bone — more than any other laser. 
  • Simple, efficient and effective root canal therapy. Minimally invasive technique conserves remaining tooth structures for increased stability in restorations.
  • Increase productivity and add incremental revenue with 56 pre-set procedures for select and go treatment.
  • Decrease your treatment fatigue with the most flexible, tension free delivery system available .
  • The iPlus patented smallest contra-angle design handpiece allows you to easily and precisely move the laser tip around the treatment site.
  • Give your patients the best dental experience possible.
  • Be one of the first to deliver single-visit multi-quadrant, minimally.
  • Various  Flexible & Autoclavable Tips  available which are ultra-bright, shadow free illumination with red aiming beam. 
  • BIOLASE is a World Leader in Laser Education and Training 

03 Specification

WavelengthEr;Cr : YSGG, (2780 nm)
Max Output Power10 W
Max. Pulse Energy600mJ
Pulse Rep Rate5 to 100 Hz
Pulse DurationH:60 μsec S:700 μsec
Weight75 lbs (34 Kg)
Dimension11x19x40 inch
(28x48x102 cm)

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Waterlase YSGG Technology?

Tooth enamel contains up to 5% water, while dentin and bone contain up to 25% water. Years of research have confirmed that our patented 2,780 nm YSGG wavelength transfers far more energy to the water of any wavelength. A symbiotic relationship between the expansion of water particles from the patented air and water handpiece and the water contained in human tissue allows for biological and effective micro-ablation of the tooth structure

What is difference between waterlase and high-speed drill in terms of speed?

Waterlase iPlus dental all tissue laser can provide many benefits over high speed drill. During cavity preparation, it avoids macro fractures increasing bond strength, better visibility due to less surgical trauma, minimally invasive procedures of gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

What all applications are there for Waterlase iPlus Tissue Laser?

Almost all procedures can be performed with waterlase iPlus i.e. soft tissues surgeries gingivectomy, operculectomy, incision or excision, endodontic canal sterilization, depigmentation procedures, periodontal pocket sterilization and flap surgery, crown lengthening, osteotomy, implant recovery procedures, cavity preparation, tooth preparation, impaction etc.

How waterlase iplus tissue laser is benefitted for a patient?

Waterlase is helpful for minimally invasive procedures, so multiple quadrant procedures can be done in single sitting, avoiding multiple visits of patient.  It also eliminates the risk of infection from cross-contamination. It avoids the stress of shots and risk of drug interactions for children and geriatric patients.

06 Happy Customers

Waterlase iPlus Review 3

Dr. Shilpa Bhaskar 

 Speciality Dental Studio, Tamil Nadu

Waterlase iPlus Review

Dr R Baskaran

Raga Dental Clinic, Tamil Nadu

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