Dental Microscope

Dental professionals are involved in a variety of microscopic features of the oral cavity. When working with the microscopic structures of the mouth cavity, it is important to use specialised equipment. 

A Dental Microscope with a high magnification allows a dentist to do flawless and precise dental operations. 

Across all sorts of dental operations, magnification increases the precision of tooth preparations and margins. Damage to surrounding teeth and connective tissues is minimised due to enhanced visibility to the operation site. 

Benefits Of Using A Dental Microscope:

  • Improved magnification of tooth structures allows for a more thorough oral examination and, as a result, a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 
  • In Restorative Dentistry, the ability to diagnose tooth fractures is crucial.
  • This higher diagnostic awareness is directly related to increased treatment efficiency.
  • The ergonomics, or comfort with the proper posture, is one of the most important features.  
  • Magnification is used in endodontics to improve visibility and treat root canal microanatomy that is difficult to see. 
  • This ensures a high level of precision in root canal treated teeth with a low risk of failure.
  • Good digital documentation
  • Removing broken file from the canal
  • Cracks and fractures that are not evident to the human eye are detected and located.
  • Improved photographic records.

 The dental industry is embracing technological advancements in the pursuit of better dental care. This big shift from perceptible-based treatment to High Magnification Treatment under the Dental Microscope is driving a dental revolution with higher success rates.


Prima Mu is the ideal combination of ergonomics, design, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Excellent optics, an efficient LED illumination system, and a fluid mechanical arrangement equipped into its compact design ensure optimum quality and durability over time.

LABOMED Prima DNT Dental Microscope

The Prima DNT dental microscope is designed to respond to the challenges of today's dental professionals with a performance-driven and innovative design. Prima DNT is a technology leader in dental operating microscopes, with a smart LED illumination system, crystal clear optics, and dynamic articulation.

Labomed Magna Dental Microscope

The Labomed Magna dental microscope system includes an Automatic Balancing Arm (ABA) that allows users to position the microscope with 360 degrees of freedom. A highly responsive apochromatic zoom system makes it simple to find the ideal magnification.