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Dental milling machine

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Dental Milling Machine & CAD-CAM

In this current era, for the laboratory fabrication of ceramic restorations, new materials and technologies are overruling the conventional procedures. These augmentations further facilitate the involved steps to be done with higher efficiency, be it shades matching, framework designing, or milling. In short, such technologies appear as valuable support to the dental laboratory.

A milling machine is used for the process of milling and grinding three-dimensional objects from a digital file using a computer-guided milling machine.  A dental milling machine is used to make the dental crowns, copings, dental bridges, removable dental prostheses, temporary prostheses, complete dentures, implant abutments, etc.

Dental milling machines use different kinds of blocks and blanks available in the market, which are made up of different materials according to the need of the prostheses. These dental milling machines work on subtractive processes for milling the desired objects, and are classified as:

  • On the basis of axes:

o   4 axis milling machine

o   5 axis milling machine

  • On the basis of milling:

o   Wet milling machine

o   Dry milling machine

Dental Lab Milling Machines/ Dental Clinic Milling machines:

 The dental CNC milling machines used in dental labs and dental clinics only differ in their working efficiency. The milling machines used in labs are of heavy working efficiency and more powerful as compared to those used in dental clinics or dental chairside milling machines. Dental lab milling machines are also equipped with the facility to engage with multiple workflows for a long period of time to work continuously.

   For best results of the milling and grinding quality, one must always go with the CAM milling software from trusted connections only as well as the CAD software is also important in order to guide the mill accordingly and efficiently. Thus, milling in dentistry is providing a faster flow of the prostheses in the dental world and making the dental CAD-CAM procedures more accurate and efficient in providing quick treatment to the needful.

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