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VHF R5 Milling Machine

VHF R5 Milling Machine

VHF R5 Milling Machine

Simply brilliant, The Gold standard for lab & Practice

VHF R5. - A new high-end Dental Milling machine for the dental laboratory, vhf has developed a highly automated milling and grinding machine that brings revolutionary approaches to the lab along with a ten-fold blank changer for wet and dry machining.

R5 - Redefining Milling, it is a combination of utmost precision with maximum stability and is capable of handling any material. Thanks to DirectDisc Technology which ensures that blanks can be clamped quickly and without tools – allowing them to be processed directly.

Key Highlights

  1.  10 Discs
  2.  5 Axes
  3.  60 Blocks
  4.  60 Prefab Abutments
  5. 16 Tools

No Material is off-limits: Discs, blocks & abutments

Composites, Plastics/wax, Glass-ceramics, Zirconia, Titanium, CoCr

Maximum freedom of indication

Crown/bridge, Inlay/Onlay, Abutment, Telescopic crown, Model Plate, Model Cast, Occlusal Splint, Model tooth, Implant bar, veneer, drilling template, denture, secondary crown, occlusal ascertained bridge, protrusion splint.

Maximum Precision:

  • Restorations in ultra HD
  • Water-cooled high-precision spindle
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy
Powerful Robustness:
  • Mills and grinds the toughest materials on the market including all Ti and CoCr.
  • 800 watts of power and 80,000 RPM.
  • Heavy industrial quality.
Absolute Independence:
  • Sheer unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm disc format, 30 block materials, and > 140 titanium and CoCr prefab abutment platforms.
  • Covers the broadest range of indications, due to ± 35° rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 40 mm blanks.
Unmatched Reliability:
  • 100 percent engineered and manufactured in Germany.
  • Comprehensive sensor technology to monitor all vital system functions.
  • Two webcams for remote monitoring.
Highly Economical:
  • One of the fastest machines on the market.
  • Revolutionary material loading with Direct Disc Technology (patent pending).
  • The automatic blank changer holds up to 10 discs, 60 blocks, or 60 prefab abutment.
  • Direct Clean Technology enables wet and dry on the fly: ionizer, self-cleaning, and built-in dryer (patent pending).
Processable Material:
  • PMMA 
  • ZrO2
  • Composites
  • CoCr
  • LiSi
  • Ti
  • Wax

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