Dental Safety Products

In order to limit the danger of infectious disease transmission during dental treatment, effective and consistent infection control is required. By directly interacting with microbial DNA, UV-C light has been identified as a revolutionary strategy for eradicating any type of microbial infection and preventing cross-contamination. One method to do so is to ensure that we are in the safest possible environment, which Unicorn DenMart will provide with its range of safety products that include UVC Sanitizer and oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen Concentrator – 5Ltr

Portable oxygen concentrator is a device that extract oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere by selectively withdrawing nitrogen to provide a natural gas flow enriched with oxygen.

Corona UV-C Based Handheld Sanitizer

Corona Sanitizer Handheld – a compact design with easy handling for the easy and quick sanitization of bigger objects

Flare UV-C Sanitization Box – 22L (Make in India)

Flare UV-C box, a box-shaped sanitization chamber