Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-ray

02 Key Highlights

  • Green technology.
  •  Digital control.
  • The scale of head angling of 300-degree rotation.
  • Thermal protection of the head from overheating.
  • Head compensation chamber for internal pressure stability.

03 Specification

Nominal Tension127V or 220V
Tension of charge exposure70kVp
Max Current of the tube7mA
Time of exposure60ms a 3,2s
Cylinder200mm (300mm optional)
Rectangular Collimator30 x 40mm
Equivalent filter of Aluminum1.5mm
Nominal Focal point value0.8 x 0.8mm

04 Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Full Length Of The Operational Arm?

Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-Ray is around 4 – 4.5 ft.

What Is The Minimum Exposure Time?


Does Gnatus Timex 70E X Ray Machine AC or DC?

It is an AC X-ray machine.

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