Endomotor- A boon in Endodontics

For decades, dentists have used handheld instrumentation methods to form the root canal. These techniques included the use of a collection of endodontic files used in the Step Back method to prepare the root canal.

This has taken a lot of time and has been a time-consuming method that has been changed now. This new method has become more effective with increased possibilities with the advancement in technology and engineering.

Dental Endomotors are equipment intended to make the endodontic process simpler, as they enable mechanically driven files to be used.

This allows the endodontist to prepare the endodontic canals with better speed and convenience. The endodontic motors consist of a central body that controls the unit, a micro-motor, a contra-angle to which the various files are adapted, and often a pedal that enables the various functions to be operated by the foot.

There are an automatic file system and an endodontic motor of all renowned brands that deal in endodontic products, so it is suggested to use the same brand engine

Endodontic motors, however, are relatively independent of the file system. We can use any Endo motor with any file system except a reciprocate file system.

So it’s proven that you need to move away from hand instrumentation as it slows down and limits the amount of endodontic Treatment. You can perform in a day. ou plan to switch on to an Endo motor instrumentation that provides steady speed and torque.

But what are the criteria you need to keep in mind while buying an endo motor?

There are some most important points when choosing an endo motor.

  1. Accessible programs:

Endomotors usually have file variants of their own if we’re sure that we’re just going to deal with system files, We can consider buying the same manufacturer’s Endomotor. However, Advanced Endomotors is compatible with all file systems of the major brand.

2.Wireless or pedal Driven: 

These are a few examples, but let us decide which one we should go for. TCM  Endo20 Motor or the Krofit Endo E class Endodontic  Motor, are pedal-driven. NSK Endomate TC2, NSK Endomate DT, AT has the option of a wireless foot pedal.

  1. Rotary or reciprocation:

All endodontic motors have the feature of continuous rotary movement (Endodontics Path Files, Endodontics Pro-taper Files, etc.) but Some motors have the Reciprocal Files or Wave One Files feature.

Rotary endodontics was able to produce better outcomes with a lower risk of procedural errors such as transposition of the file inside the canal and root perforation.

But then another breakthrough came with the release of the 4th generation rotary files. This was the use of reciprocating motion, which was Perceived to be more powerful than continuous rotation.

According to the US Endodontic Practice, the following advantages have been shown when reciprocating files are used:

  • Prolongs the life of rotary
  • Reciprocationgives the same cutting quality as rotary
  • The files preserve the original anatomy of the
  • Decreased time to form the canals
  • A lesser or equal amount of dentin crack formation is produced when rotary motion is compared.

If you are planning to use any of the alternating motion file systems, you can select a motor that allows you to alternate or reciprocate rotation. The most up-to-date endodontic motors have the feature of Alternating or reciprocating rotation.

4. Significance of Speed and Torque : 

An endo motor with speed and torque control is required to have full control of the instrumentation. In endodontics, the normal speed range used is between 150 and 650 rpm. Faster speeds have better cutting
performance but are more likely to cause separation and fracturing of the instrument.

For the past few years, the use of slow velocity high-torque has been the agreed instrumentation type. Data, however, shows that due to this combination of speed and torque, there are quite a few iatrogenic errors that occur. The new reasoning is to use low torque instrumentation techniques for slow speeds. The use of a particular ideal (right) torque would be a much more preferable parameter.

When it comes to speed and torque settings, select an endo motor that provides great versatility, as different file systems have different ideal torque values. So, speed and torque control are very important points before you choose your endo motor.

5.Auto Stop- Forward-Reverse :

The auto-functioning features of Advanced endodontic motors make it easier to carry out endodontic procedures and reduce the chance of operational error. The functions being built into the newest endo motors are Auto Stop, Auto Forward, and Auto Reverse. When the torque limit is reached, the auto-reverse feature causes the file’s rotation to shift to the opposite direction. This reduces the load on the rotary file considerably. The motor headpiece automatically returns to a regular forward rotation when the excess load is removed.

An endo motor can be a great asset to the practice of endodontics with such versatility and help avoid adverse results such as instrument fracture.

6.Flexibility all with File Systems :

An endo motor that is sufficiently versatile to be used with various rotary file systems.

While endo motor manufacturers suggest using their brand files for better performance, it is not necessary to disregard the need to use another file system. So Choose an endo motor which is compatible with all major brand file system.

7. Integrated with Apex Locator

The Advanced Endomotor has the technology of simultaneously using two devices to guarantee the precision and efficiency of the endo treatment. A few of the top-selling endo motors are NSK, the woodpecker. For integration into Endodontic instruments (ENDO-MATE TC2 / ENDO-MATE DT / ENDO-MATE AT / Contra-angle) The NSK endodontics products and iPexII ensure safe, precise, and efficient root canal procedures.

The development of technology in recent decades has made it possible that amongst all professions, the dental profession is truly a massive boon. At some stage in time, going on from hand instrumentation to rotary endodontics is par for the course for any dentist. We hope this blog will help you select the right motor-driven endodontic device when the time comes, which increases your productivity and enhances the consistency of your care with every day that passes. Unicorn Denmart offers the Latest new generation of Dental Endomotors at a very competitive price. Also, it is available online on Best Dental Deals for sale & for easier purchasing and fast delivery to the dentist.


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