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Endomotors apex locators

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A device used during endodontic treatment for biomechanical preparation of the root canal to give the canal a proper tapering to receive gutta-percha during obturation.

Benefits of Endomotors:

  • Less time consuming
  • More Accurate
  • Maintenance of the shape of the canal
  • Less procedural accidents
  • Less fatigue to doctor

New advanced endo motors with reciprocation modes and auto-reverse function make the work easier for an endodontist.


It is an accurate angle control. A large rotating angle in the cutting direction provides high efficiency, whereas a smaller angle in the reverse direction allows the file to safely progress along the canal path, whilst reducing the risk of a screwing effect and file breakage.

Benefits of Reciprocation:

  • Extends the life span of rotary files.
  • It offers more cutting efficiency.
  • Preserve original canal anatomy.
  • Less time to shape the canals.
  • Fewer micro-dentine cracks.

Auto-reverse Function:

The auto-reverse function causes the rotation of the file to change in the opposite direction when the pre-set torque limit is reached. This greatly reduces the load on the rotary file. When the excess load is removed the motor handpiece returns to a normal forward rotation automatically.

It helps in effortlessly shaping the root canals and reduces the procedural accidents such as Elliptication/zipping of canals, ledge formation & root perforation.

Endo Motor with integrated apex locator:

When performing the biomechanical preparation, the apex locator gives the real-time display of the file inside the canal. When the tip of the file reaches the apical terminus, it creates a beep sound, preventing over-instrumentation. It provides safe & effective instrumentation inside the canal, at the same time increases the accuracy of the root canal treatment with proper elimination of the infection from the canal.

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