Water Distiller

02 Key Highlights

  • High-grade stainless steel (SS304) boiling chamber
  • Food grade Polypropylene made handles and easy to remove lid for convenience.
  • High quality plastic collection bottle.
  • Produce pure water through the process of boiling, steam generation, condensation and cooling of water.
  • Easy to use & maintain.

03 Specification

Capacity4 liter capacity
CertifiedCE certified product
DesignLight weight & compact design
For both medical & home use.

04 Frequently Asked Questions

Why distilled water is required in dental clinic?

Only distilled water is recommended to use for dental equipments e.g. dental chair, autoclave etc. The tap water has minerals and salts, that can cause rusting of the internal parts and valves in the dental equipments, hence distilled water only should be used.

How much distilled water can be produced in 1 hour from Fomos AQUA water distiller?

Fomos water distiller can produce 1 liter of distilled water in 1 hour.

How distiller produce distilled water?

Normal tap water is filled in the distiller. After that the water is boiled and water vapors are generated. The water vapors then get cool down and condensed and pure distilled water is collected in the water jar drop by drop.

The inner chamber is made of which material in Aqua water distiller?

The inner chamber of Fomos Aqua water distiller is made of SS304 quality stainless steel that makes it rust proof and make it more durable.

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