Genoray Port X II: India’s highest installed, most trusted and reliable Portable X-Ray Unit

Intraoral Radiography plays the most important role in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of dental conditions. The main problem while using wall-mounted units, the operator has to leave the room and stand behind a shielded wall during exposure. The moreover working area of wall mounted X-ray is less.

Today, small and compact battery-powered portable X-Ray makes it possible to stay in the room and hold the x-ray device. One such device which has the highest installation in India (more than 7000 units), the oldest Portable X-Ray in India with more than 10 years presence is Genoray Port X II.

Genoray (from South Korea) is working in the radiology imaging industry from last more than 20 years. Port X II is camera typed portable x-ray unit with a full lead coverage shield including cone. With a 2mA DC current and 60KV power, it can cover all dental hard tissue for exposure.

More than 7000 happy and satisfied practitioners using it in their clinics, institutes, dental chains, and colleges continuously.

While using the Genoray Port X II Portable X-Ray device the patients (including pediatric, geriatric, special needs, or fearful patients) feel more comfortable about x-rays as the operator stays in the room instead of running out to stand behind a wall during exposure. In addition, staying in the room may reduce the number of retakes caused by patient movement and improve efficiency and workflow and save lots of time. The freedom to position portable devices at any angle makes it possible to take x-rays while the patient is reclined or sitting upright.

Unicorn Denmart Ltd is providing the best sale and service support for Port X II for more than 12 years. With the experience of 25 years in the Dental Equipment Industry, Unicorn Denmart is the first choice among Indian Dentists for buying dental equipment. Unicorn has successfully installed more than 7000 Port X II units in India which are working perfectly fine for 8-10 years even without changing the battery.  

Port X II is a powerful and compact X-Ray unit that can shoot 100+ RVG exposures and 80-100 conventional IOPA films once charged. Port X II has Li-Polymer 910 mA battery.


  • X-Ray Tube: Toshiba
  • Tube Voltage: 60
  • Tube Current: 2 mA
  • Focal spot: 0.8 mm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg ( including neck strips)
  • Lead coverage: Fully lead coated
  • Type: Camera type
  • Battery: Li-polymer
  • Exposure: 0.01 to 0.2 sec
  • Total Filtration : 1.8 mm Al
  • X-ray Type: DC
  • Modes: Patient and tooth

Genoray Port X II is very easy to handle and operate. With a firm hand and neck strap, Port X II can be used at any angle while operating a patient. There is no need for patient uprighting or seating. Fully lead coating makes it safer from secondary and scattered radiations. So from childhood to old age, one can use Genoray Port X II safely and comfortably.  Genoray Port X II is the best choice among all portable units available in India. Best sales and services support from Unicorn Denmart Ltd has made Genoray Port X II the most trusted, valuable, and reliable Portable X-ray of India. Best in Price with 3 years complete warranty Genoray Port XII is the only choice for all types of dental practice. Buy It, Use it and feel the change in Imaging Technology.

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