Imaging Range

Dentistry has witnessed a continuous evolution and with these advances, the need for better and precise diagnostic tools, especially imaging methods have become necessary.

Shifting from analogue to digital radiography has made the process simpler and faster. It has also enabled the storage of digital images and has made manipulation of images possible i.e. changing contrast, brightness, etc.

When it comes to the extent in which radiographic images can be used in dentistry, digital intraoral sensors give clinicians even more function. With better resolution, significantly reduced radiation to the patient, the ability to zoom into the parts of the image and added filters for improved diagnostic capability is provided to clinicians by the software.

Imaging Ranges From The Simple Intra-Oral X-Rays To Advanced Imaging Techniques Like:

Computed tomography
Cone-beam computed tomography
Intra oral cameras

Due to the complex anatomy of maxillofacial skeleton, it may not be accurately replicated on 2-D radiographic images. That is why three-dimensional imaging has made the complex cranio-facial structures better accessible for examination.

Another imaging technique is the intraoral camera. Intraoral cameras in dentistry allow for faster diagnosis in patients. It helps a dentist to see anatomy, fracture, open margins and dental caries. An intraoral dental camera is a high-definition system to record videos or photos of the oral cavity of the patients to show them the disorder and educate them about the treatment plan. This device allows dentists to be more accurate with their diagnosis & treatment procedures.

Correct use of appropriate imaging technology and their correct interpretation along with cost-effectiveness and newer radiographic techniques can help to detect pathologies in very early stages, which ultimately reduces morbidity and mortality, and also helps to improve the quality of life of the patients.

Runyes Ray 68 DC X Ray

Runyes DC X-ray machine with constant potential high frequency DC generator provides detailed and sharp image for a better diagnosis. Its Soft Scissor Arms allows the user for a flexible operation.

IntraOral Camera with TFT Screen

A smartly designed intraoral camera with a large LCD screen and wireless connectivity allow the dentist to work smoothly in the dental clinic without the disturbance of the cord. It provides great accessibility inside the patient’s oral cavity and helps in easy diagnosis and treatment planning.

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