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Sopix Sensor - Acteon

Sopix Sensor - Acteon

Sopix Sensor - Acteon

Sopix sensor is a perfect dental x-ray sensor that can produce the HD quality images with minimal exposure to radiation means - A Successful x-ray every time with minimal exposure to radiation.

  • FIBER2PIXEL technology - for accurate images and striking contrast to ensure a reliable diagnosis & Provide greater differentiation of dental tissue.

  • ACE technology to eliminate the risk of over exposure.

  • SOPRO IMAGING SOFTWARE - Extremely user-friendly, offers advanced X-ray image processing tools & compatible with Windows® and Mac®

  • Less Invasive - The different tooth anatomic structures, such as the bone, roots, pulp… are highlighted with extreme precision on the image. Your diagnosis is faster and more accurate!

  • Smart Design for better Comfort - White side stripes ensure high visibility of the sensor in the dark area of the mouth, to correctly position the X-ray tube perpendicular to the sensor.

  • Fast & Easy to use


   ➡Dust and Water Resistant.

   ➡Multilayer sensor with latest CMOS + OPTIC FIBRE technology.

   ➡GADOX Broad Spectrum Fibro Optic Scintillator.

   ➡ Rounded Edges & Corners Improve Patient Comfort.

   ➡Fiber 2 PIXEL Ensures the Sensor Picks Up Every Minute Details.

   ➡Resolution 25 lp/mm with pixel size 20 micron.

   ➡ Slim sensor with 5mm thickness and long 3.70 mt. cable for more working      area.

   ➡OSCILLISCOPE Option to check the exposure quality.

   ➡White Side Stripes for correct placement of sensor inside mouth

   ➡X-RAY Report Generation Tools

   ➡Image enhancements Tools including measurements.

   ➡Real Time Image Acquisition increases High productivity.


   ➡ 5 years warranty with best price in segment.

Technical Specifications:

Sensor Technology 

CMOS + Optic Fibre
Supplied Software Sopro Imaging
Pixel Size 20 µm x 20 µm
External Dimensions 25 x 39 mm
Active Surface Area 600 mm2 (20 x 30 mm)
Number of Pixels 1.50 million
Scintillator Gadox
Connection USB 2.0
USB Cable Length 3.70 m

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