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Intra oral scanner

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Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral scanner or IOS is the need for a new era and a step towards digitalization. It is an equipment that is used in digital dentistry for making a digital intraoral digital impression of the patient’s oral cavity without using the conventional impression trays.

The intraoral scanner is based on the 3d capturing technology which converts 2D images into 3D images digitally.

Intra Oral digital scanner is used by clinicians to take an impression in order to prepare crowns, coping cuttings, implant prosthesis, and for orthodontic work

Advantage/benefits of an intraoral scanner are:

  • Used as diagnostic tools to inform patients about his oral health.
  • Digital impression-making is time-saving thus more patients can be attended.
  • Fast impression making over the conventional impression
  • Highly accurate precision of impression.
  • Widest range of applications.
  • Saves money on impression material cost.
  • Increase the patient comfort level and reduces chair time.

Intraoral scanner accuracy plays an important role as the more accurate is the digital impression, the better is the prosthesis.

In the world of orthodontics

Intraoral scanners in Orthodontics are playing a very good role as it directly scans the oral cavity and shares with the concern aligner making company for aligner fabrication as well as making digital records for comparing scans between pre-treatment, mid-treatment, and post-treatment.

Depending upon types, intraoral scanner categories are as follows :

  • Wired and wireless scanner
  • Color scanner and black & white scanner
  • Depending on the scanner model
  • Handle grip and pen grip

Now there are many companies that manufacture the intraoral scanner. The cost of an intraoral scanner starts from 12 lac and goes up to 30-35 lac depending upon the features and the accuracy.

Benefits for Clinicians :

  • Intraoral scanner reduces chairside impression making time
  • Better diagnostic tool
  • Better impression accuracy
  • Less patient discomfort
  • The fast and easy impression of making

The demand for Digital intraoral scanner in India is Increasing very fast as it gives a more accurate impression, has the widest range of application, decreases aerosol formation, and has great patient comfort.

Depending upon the need clinician can opt for the Digital intraoral scanner as it will be the step towards the world of Digitalization.

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