Intraoral Camera

One of the many dental advancements utilized in assessing & treating oral health problems is the intraoral camera. It allows you and your dentist to examine the different structures inside the oral cavity.

It is a device used to capture images and allows the dentist to better communicate and educate the patient regarding his oral health conditions.

How It Works:

An intraoral camera with a screen includes an integrated LED light that enables the dentist and the patient to examine the teeth, gingiva and other structures in the oral cavity. The Dental intraoral camera is used to record video with the lighting and the camera is used to take pictures of dental health.

The Main Goal Of Using An Intraoral Camera In Dental Practice:

  • Appropriate oral screening procedure to detect early lesions
  • Better assessment and diagnosis of the patient’s oral condition
  • For patient information and education about the treatment plan
  • Easy patient convincing for any oral procedure
  • Photos and videos can be stored for future reference or track the progression of the oral disease.
  • Easy diagnosis and treatment planning of Hairline fractures
  • The difference between caries and tartar can be easily diagnosed.
IntraOral Camera with TFT Screen

A smartly designed intraoral camera with a large LCD screen and wireless connectivity allow the dentist to work smoothly in the dental clinic without the disturbance of the cord. It provides great accessibility inside the patient’s oral cavity and helps in easy diagnosis and treatment planning.