Zircoza IS-ZD Pro

02 Key Highlights

  • (IS-ZD PRO) blanks are compatible for open system milling machines
  • It is a white opaque zircoza disc which are designed for manufacturing of coping, long span bridges posterior crowns.
  • It is a third generation Zirconium oxide, a hybrid, tetragonal, polycrystal structure with it’sperfect fit for monolithic restorations.
  • They feature High Strength, Biocompatibility, Homogenous Density.

03 Specifications

  • Grade:  Zircoza Iso Pressed White Opaque Zirconia Disc (Is-Zd Pro)           
  • Sintering Temp C: 1450
  • Transmission % As Per Shimadzu Spectrophotometer Uv2600:  35
  • Transmission % As Per Haze Meter: 41.6
  • Bending Strength Mpa:  1200
  • Sintering Body Density (G/Cm^3): 6.1
  • 1 Mm Thickness

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