Tulip Digital LED Curing Light

02 Key Highlights

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to operate
  • High curing efficiency

03 Specification

The material of shell handleAluminum
SizeDiameter 23 X 160mm
GradeOrdinary B Type Intermittent working
Working Voltage100-220V AC, 50-60HZ
GradeII IP40
ModeThree kinds of working mode (Alterability)
Working Volt4.2~4.5 volts
Electric current0.7 amperes
Battery TypeIon
Battery capacity1400Mah
Wave Length420-480nm
Luminous Intensity1200mW/cm⊃2; 5W

04 Frequently Asked Questions

Does it affect the pulp tissues, Tulip Dental Curing Light ?

No, as the intensity of the Tulip light cure unit is 1200 MW/cm2 the heat production is very less. So, it doesn’t affect the pulp tissues while curing.

Is this a metal body or plastic?

The body of this light cure unit is made of Aluminium that makes it more durable.

What is the actual weight of the device? Is it heavy?

The device’s actual weight is only 160 gms, it is light weight and doesn’t cause any hand-fatigue to the dentist.

What all time setting options available with Tulip Light Cure Unit?

This Tulip light cure unit has time-setting options of 10 sec, 15 sec and 20 sec, which is helpful for carrying out various restorative procedures in dentistry.

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