Woodpecker DTE O-LIGHT Cure Unit

02 Key Highlights

  • 1 sec curing in High mode with intensity of 2300 mW/cm
  • Strong penetration of light without distance limitation
  • High power Blue LED (Monowave) for enhanced intensity
  • User-friendly operation interface with adjustable modes to use as per requirement
  • 360-degree rotatable probe for enhanced flexibility in posterior region
  • Easily accessible probe for increased accessibility in small mouth-opening patients. 
  • Light Hood for eye protection
  • CE Certified battery with large capacity to cure minimum 400 times continuously in 10 Sec mode.
  • Automatic flashing of indicator light for low battery.

03 Specification

Net Weight259g
Adapter InputAC 240V 50Hz
OutputDC 5V 1A
Battery capacity1400mAh
Light source Wavelength420nm-490nm
High power blue light LED5W

04 Frequently Asked Questions

For how much time this light cure unit can be used after fully charged?

This light cure unit has a large capacity battery. Once fully charged it can cure 400 times in 10 sec mode.

Is this probe rotatable?

Yes, this probe is rotatable 360-degree for increased flexibility to work in any area inside oral cavity, mostly the posterior teeth.

In which all cases 1 sec curing can be used?

In high mode, 1 sec curing has the highest intensity light i.e. 2300 mW/cm2, so it can be used for bonding of orthodontic brackets, veneers, post and core cases etc.

Is this unit heavy?

This light cure unit is light weight with slim ergonomic design that feels great in hand, also very user-friendly operation control.

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