02 Key Highlights

  • Genoray papaya 3D is a combination of 3D CT, panoramic and cephalometric (optional), to meet all diagnostic needs.
  • PAPAYA 3D with the design concept of smooth rounded pebble awarded design R&D convergence by korea ministry of design motivation and awarded design grand prize by KEIT.
  • 3 different dedicated CMOS flat panel sensors for 3 different need, so long-lasting performance and long life as no overload on a single sensor for both 2D and 3D image. ( Amorphous Silicon flat-panel detector available in premium version).
  • Scout mode to avoid positioning errors.
  • Smart metal artifact removal features (SMARF) for more clarity.
  • 2Sec Ceph (plus) – Innovative sensor technology acquires the cephalometric image in just 2 seconds, thus preventing patient movement and increasing image quality.
  • One-Shot Ceph is available in the premium version only.
  • Zero error image. The versatile imaging capability provides the user with accurate information for implant planning.
  • Open Positioning (Face to face) and Multi Focus.
  • 3 scan modes ( Normal, Fast and HD ).
  • 19 FOV for all type of practice.
  • 4*5 cm with 75-micron voxel for Endodontic cases.
  •  7*7/8*8 cm with 100-micron voxel for Periodontics cases.
  •  16*8 cm with 150-micron voxel for TMJ cases.
  •  16*14 cm with 200-micron voxel for Maxillofacial cases.
  • 23*14 cm with 200-micron voxel for Maxillofacial cases. (Premium Version*)
  •  23*24 cm with 400-micron voxel for Maxillofacial & neuro cases. (Premium Version*)
  • Smart metal artifact removal feature ( SMARF) for more clarity.
  • 7.7 sec to 14.5 sec scanning time with less than 1 minute for the reconstruction of the image.
  • Additional option of ENT mode with special FOVs for Middle ear, Nose, Sinus, Airway, Vertebras and Temporal.
  • Model Scanning – PAPAYA 3D (+) is able to scan both impressions and plaster casts and with our advanced latest Triana software, the digitised models by STL format are available immediately and stored for later use which reduces the need to make or maintain physical plaster casts.
  • Share your images with ease (CDSEE, DICOM 3.0) – Image data is in DICOM® format, supporting open software architecture. Freedom to choose the most suitable software solution for your needs.
  • Sealed base and columns, so safe from rats, lizards, cockroaches etc from wire cutting and short circuiting.
  • Self-standing, no need to drill in wall or floor.
  • Wheelchair accessible.

03 Specification

Exposure TimePanoramic 9 ~ 17 sec
Cephalometric 2 ~ 12 sec
CT (SS) 7.7/14.5 sec
FOVΦ40 x 45mm ~ Φ230 x 240mm (Free FOV)
Voxel Size75~400 μm adjustable
Focal Spot0.5mm
Target Angle
Tube Voltage60 ~ 90kV
Tube Current4~12 mA
Line Voltage240V, 50/60Hz
Pixel Pitch100 x 100 μm75 x 75 μm75 x 75 μm
Active Area130.2 x 128 mm152 x 6.45 mm228 x 6.45 mm

04 Product Videos

05 Client Testimonials

Dr. Abhishek Goyal

New Delhi

Dr. Satwant Sobti

New Delhi

06 Frequently Asked Questions

Genoray CBCT Papaya 3D Comes With Which Type Of Detector?

Genoray 3D Plus has CMOS flat-panel detector.

What Is The Software Used In The CBCT 3D Plus Dental Machine

TRIANA Software 

Is The SMARF Feature Present In Genoray Papaya OPG CBCT machine?

Yes, SMARF (Smart metal artefact removal feature) is present in this Dental CBCT machine.

Why There Are 3 Modes Provided In Genoray CBCT 3D Machine For Exposure?

In order to find out any kind of hairline fracture or if a patient moves a lot during the procedure, this CBCT provides 3 modes i.e. HD, FAST & NORMAL to the dentist for proper diagnosis as per the requirement which no other CBCT provides.

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