NSK Surgic AP Surgical Micromotor

02 Key Highlights

  • It is designed specifically for ENT surgeries, and it gives all of the quality and rigidity you’ll need.
  • Its brushless surgical motor meets professional standards and produces excellent clinical results. 
  • Clear vision on the monitors during operation thanks to a large user-friendly LCD display.
  • A quiet external peristaltic water pump that is compatible with disposable water tubing, as well as a user-friendly foot control.
  • The surgeon can save eight different system configurations with the 8 individual programmes.
  • High-capacity external pump.
  • Irrigation, both external and internal
  • It’s great for surgeons because it has simple controls for water spray and a forward/reverse feature.
  • When the reverse option is enabled, a beep sound informs the user to exercise extra caution.
  • The NSK motor provides consistent speed and high cutting efficiency.

Control Unit

  • Programs: 8 Programs
  • Dimensions: W275xD207xH101mm

Micromotor (SG50MS)

  • Motor Speed : 200-40,000 min-1
  • Non-optic
  • Brushless

Foot Control (FC-55)

  • Speed Control: Variable
  • IPX8 certified

03 Specification

Motor Speed range200-40,000 rpm (differs as per gear ratio)

Max. Output/Max. Torque210 W / 50 Ncm
Max Pump Output75 ml/min
Unit DimensionsW275xD207xH101mm
Power SupplyAC 230 V 50/60 Hz

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