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Genoray Portable Medical X-Ray Machine- Port XII

Port X II, X-ray from Genoray, Korea is the highest selling portable X-ray due to its high image quality, compact design and user-friendly operation. Its excellent shielding (LEAD coating) prevents radiation leakage and can be easily used in multi-chair setup.

NSK Surgic AP Surgical Micromotor

NSK Surgic AP, which provides innovative motors with exceptional precision. Its brushless surgical motor meets professional standards and produces excellent clinical results. It is designed specifically for ENT surgeries, and it gives all of the quality and rigidity you'll need.


It is a machine that provides you with zero error image by its versatile imaging capabilities for a more accurate information. Its combination of 3D CT, Panoramic & Cephalometric meet all the diagnostic needs of the dentist.


It is the fastest growing OPG in India that provides you with accurate tomographic cross-sectional information for a better diagnosis. A self-standing OPG machine with a freedom to choose the most suitable software for your needs.

Runyes SEA 45L Class B Autoclave with Touch Screen

Runyes offers a high capacity B class autoclave with touch screen functionality. It is a WHO-approved model that has qualified the Helix Test. It is used for effective sterilization of various surgical & medical instruments with its triple vacuum cycle. It is the most reliable due to its six-layer chamber structure and safety measures.

Runyes Feng 23L – Class B Autoclave with USB Recorder

B class front-loading autoclave with triple vacuum cycle for the total annihilation of bacteria, virus & fungi. It has a USB function for data storage & accessibility, comes with B+ cycle for 100% assurance of sterilization prior to any surgical procedure.

Gnatus BIoclave 21L – N Class Autoclave

Gnatus N class autoclave comes with innovative design and excellent functionality to make the sterilization more effective. Gnatus, a Brazilian brand known for its outstanding commitment towards the healthcare industry to provide the best & reliable equipment with the smartest technology in the market

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